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"Available" by Patoranking

Patoranking is arguably one of Nigeria’s multi-pronged and talented musical acts. He combines a number of musical genres that include hip-hop, reggae, and R & B, evolving these categories into a likable whole. His success so far in the Nigerian Music Industry is a testament to his skill and craft.

With his single “Available’, Patoranking explores in more ways than one, the stretch and reach of his musical talent. For starters, Patoranking draws inspiration from an admixture of musical genres again; this time think of the legendary Afrobeats, propagated by the late music sage, Fela; make way for elements of the Rap music and see the contributions by swanky regional dancehall music style, Azonto. All these parts merged with South African Gqom (pronounced Gome).

A little note about Gqom. It comes across as a blistering variant of music in South Africa, with features such as the rough-and-tumble vibes that keep you moving, the impressionistic and asymmetrical kickdrums, the hypnotic chanting, and the music’s in-your-face youthful brashness.

So what you get with the hit track, ‘Available’, is a whole new foray that only deepens the appeal of Patoranking. Ideally shot in South Africa, the video comes alive with electric dances, colorful appearances, and choreography by an energetic cast and crew.  The song is moved along with the unending chant of ‘I am Available’, backed up by a pleasing cacophony of driven kick drums, hypnotic vocal loops, rolling snares, and incessant synth vibrations.

A line of verse captures the heart and lingo of Gqom infused with Afrobeats and the other genres earlier mentioned: —“See the girls them dey there / All the boys them dey there”, giving the song a relatable cadence and shine, with a transfixing rhythm.

With over 1.1M YouTube views and counting, Available is sure pressing the right buttons on the musical hemisphere.