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"Flora My Flawa" by Davido

The Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) boss and multiple award-winning superstar has released the video to his smashing love single “Flora My Flawa (Flower)”, a sequel to his successful single “Like Dat” which was released late last year. This video is trending and has gotten 2 million views on YouTube since it was released this month. I’m screaming here!!! Now, you see why this video had to make it to our list.

Produced by DMW’s producer, Fresh, Davido definitely infused drama into this video and made it a must-watch for us. The video takes us through a lady’s love journey in thirty years; a love story about Flora, who still remains love-struck thirty years after he sang the song for her, capturing both the young Flora and her friends and a much older Flora, thirty years down the road, still with her friends, and still love-struck.

The beat was cool, the kind you will put on your playlist for all occasions. Guys, Clarence Peters shot it and as usual, the visuals are on fire. Lyrics were in tune with the video and hands-on, original. “If you say I’m good for nothing, therefore you are bad for something”, “if nothing lasts forever, me and you go be nothing forever”…wow, nice wordplay there, Davido!

With guest appearances from stars like Ayo Mogaji, Nancy Isime, Gbemi Shotade, Chavala Yacluma, Ngozi Nwosu, comedy was infused with ease. The script was well-written, the roles perfectly played and the performance was nothing short of brilliant. Big kudos for this superb delivery, Davido (even with the pot belly)!

The drama played by the three friends at the end of the video with particular reference to Ngozi Nwosu and Ayo Mogaji definitely brought smiles to the face of fans.