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Heaven’s Gate by Burna Boy ft. Lily Allen

26-year-old Damini Ogulu (popularly known as Burna Boy), sure upped his game in this fourth single from his “Outside” album, featuring Lilly Allen, a Grammy-nominated British pop singer; thus giving the song a unique style.

Produced by Fred Gibson and shot in London, United Kingdom, this track is far different from the usual style we have come to expect from Burna Boy; this was fast-paced much more than his usual mid-tempo style.

Burna boy is a young artiste who is highly versatile and isn’t afraid to show it through his music. He is breaking into international waters in this massive collaboration with Lily, which was a move in the right direction.

The song is on point. What’s not to love about it? Is it the rap or the afrobeat? Do I even start with how Lily’s vocals did justice to the track? Lily had been quiet for a while and this track brought her out (literally from hiding!) with an unexpected and peculiar vocal; the kind you won’t forget in a hurry.

With vibrant displays of colors, the video takes you on a journey and features a family with all their peculiarities which makes it quite interesting. The story he passes across is his willingness and determination to fight hard to protect the things that are dear to him and will literally knock (or pound) on heaven’s gate to do that. Great storyline I must say, with Lily playing the victim in need of rescuing; your typical damsel in distress.

All in all, it was a pretty cool video and Burna Boy sure is showing us that he is so ready to make waves across national borders!