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Nigerian Avant-garde Artist & Music Producer Edoheart Announces "For The Love – EP"


(New York, NY February 6, 2020)—Nigerian-born poet, dancer, and singer Edoheart has announced her For The Love – EP, due out on April 10. The  EP is now available to pre-order on Apple Music and pre-save on Spotify. Edoheart has also released the EP’s lead single “Seesaw,” a fun and bouncy throwback to ‘80s dance hall that dives into hetero-normative relationships and cultural norms.

For The Love – EP opens with “Rogie (Oh No)” in response to her experience with loss: a miscarriage and an unrequited love. “Seesaw” celebrates women who are authentic to their own beauty, while “Do Me Do Me” discusses unappreciative love and commitment. “Original Sufferhead” reflects on hardship and hopelessness, as well as the self-love required to keep going. The EP ends on a high note with “I Will Be There,” a promise to always stand up and show up for loved ones.

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Edoheart says, “I am black history. I do this for love. Edo people have a saying, ‘whenever you wake up, that’s when it’s morning.’ When you wake up to who you are and believe in yourself, is when you can begin to exist. Love is being.”

Album Art - "For The Love - EP"

Born and raised in Nigeria, Edoheart moved to Detroit before settling in Brooklyn, where she is now based. Her captivating story touches upon topics of cultural heritage, inequality, and stereotypes. Considering herself as one of the few alternative African voices around, she has been trying to radically expand the acknowledgment of African arts and Nigerian culture across several different verticals. She participated in Columbia University’s Global Initiative, which champions social change through arts, and she has received prestigious awards from the New York University and the University of Michigan for her efforts. Edoheart continues to shine the light in academia at Nigeria’s University of Benin, where she has both created a dance troupe and self-funded The Esohe Merit Academy, a program that endeavors to expand children’s horizons by introducing art programs, new textbooks, and computers. She has advocated for sustainability and equality through her work with The United Nations Global Compact Foundation. Outside of academia, Edoheart is the first African performer of a Japanese dance form called, butoh.

Also known as Eseohe Arhebamen-Yamasaki, Edoheart is a royal descendant of the Ugu Kingdom of the Benin Empire of Nigeria. Edoheart is the great-granddaughter of the Oba n’Ugu (king of Ugu), who was also an enogie (or duke) of Umoghumwun-Nokhua in the Edo state of Nigeria. As such, Edoheart is a princess of Ugu, a title further conferred on her by her grandmother.

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