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Caspar Lee Pranks as South Africa's Top Youtuber

London-born and South African-raised Caspar Lee is the young, fun-loving man behind his eponymous YouTube channel Caspar, which has a staggering 7.5 million followers and more than 880 million views.  HIs weekly uploads come in a variety of formats, from celebrity interviews, challenges, truth or dares, impressions, and pranks, one of which (Girlfriend Pranks My Roommate) has been viewed more than 22 million times.

Dwayne Johnson, Ed Sheeran, Cara Delevingne, Nick Jonas, Liam Payne, Chris Pratt and Maisie Williams were just a few of the famous faces that graced Caspar’s channel through the years. Not surprisingly, his frequent brush with celebrities has turned him into a film celebrity himself. Caspar starred in a British direct-to-video comedy film in 2016, “Laid in America,” alongside another South African YouTube star, KSI.

Caspar first joined YouTube in November 2011, then launched his second channel in October 2012. Given his high engagement numbers, it’s no wonder that “morecaspar” has been viewed more than 118 million times and now has close to 2 million subscribers. This second channel contains roughly the same formats but with more bloopers and behind-the-scenes. In all, Caspar Lee has close to 9.5 million YouTube followers, and his channels have been viewed close to a billion times, making him the most popular YouTube star from Africa.