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Luvvie Ajayi and Yvonne Orji Are Killin' It With Podcast "Jesus and Jollof"

Jesus and Jollof Yvonne Orji Luvvie Ajayi

We’re fawning over the summer’s boldest women-tell-all podcast, Jesus and Jollof. Never before have we seen a more comical, brutally honest, and self-aware glimpse into the double consciousness of educated immigrant Nigerian women as they navigate the world with Nigeria on their backs, America on their heads, and femininity in their pockets. Jesus and Jollof is the hilarious brain-child of comediennes Yvonne Orji and Luvvie Ajayi. The two are a riot of a pair! They begin by establishing the quirks and nuances of their relationship, how Nigerians communicate love, and define a glossary of terms specific to their sensibilities that serves as a “legend” or “key”, a guide to understanding how they love one another, their families, communities, and themselves. Orji and Ajayi really provide a voyeuristic glimpse into an experience that is an extremely common experience of immigrants all over the world: the need to switch between what you know and what’s expected of you. They highlight their childhood memories after leaving Nigeria and coming to America, lamenting they’d need to be extra-American at school to fit in, and simultaneously extra-Nigerian by the time they’d arrive home. From dating to graduating, from broke-ness to business, Jesus and Jollof also stands as a self-help how-to manual for success from the mouths of two ladies who are making big waves in the media. The duo are so unabashedly honest in the way they speak to one another and tackle sensitive subjects; what begins as a discussion metamorphosizes into a therapy session ladled with gut-busting guffaws and humbling stifled tears at the camaraderie we all have through our struggles. If it teaches you nothing more than a few unique in-group terms or a funny pronunciation, let it teach you this: being able to and ACTUALLY laughing at yourself WITH yourself is being REAL. Y’vonne, Luvvie, Thank you for blessing us with this wisdom… We needed that!