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Brooklyn Biltong is the New Keto Friendly Snack You Need


What is a Keto Diet?

Ketogenic (“Keto”) diets are short-term diets that focus on weight loss by lowering carbohydrate intake while raising protein intake.  Dieters do this by reducing and removing sugars and carbs from a daily diet like sodas, pasta, bread, and pastries, as well as many high-sugar vegetables, juices and fruits. The idea is to condition the body to switch from processing the sugar for energy to instead process the proteins and fats your body has already stored. This process is called ketosis and is where the Keto diet gets its name.

Keto diets are increasingly popular, so it’s time to figure out what it is and what a person on keto diets can eat.

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Why are Keto snacks ok?

Simply: yes. For one simple reason: everyone is on the go. ALL. THE. TIME. Once the body’s metabolism is set to its new eating habits, the body will need more protein and healthy fats to burn. The best and quickest source for the right kinds of protein and fat for a person on a Keto diet are cheeses and dried meats like beef jerky or biltong (but you’ll want to be careful to make sure that the snack you choose is friendly for your diet, meaning low on added sugars).  This makes Brooklyn Biltong a perfect snack for Keto on-the-go!

What is Biltong?

Biltong is a diligently cured dried meat that has its origins in South Africa.  The process usually takes several days, but the results are exquisitely seasoned strips of beef with little preservatives or sugars, and they’re PERFECT for those on Keto.

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Why We Love Brooklyn Biltong

Oh, let us count the ways!  First of all, we LOVE the influence of Africa being spread to the rest of the world!  CEO and founder Ben van den Heever is straight from South Africa.  The founder grew up in Pretoria, and after a move to the United States, he decided to bring Biltong to New York and America.  From a small, family endeavor to a full-fledged company, Brooklyn Biltong has created an avenue for Africa to influence America.

One of the best ways to share culture is to share food. So, when Brooklyn Biltong sent us a few packages to try, we shared with our staff, and everyone LOVED IT!

“I tried the original beef. The texture is similar to a nice thick slice of bacon without the fat. It has a subtle beef flavor, not overwhelming and quite pleasing. For those of us on the keto diet, this product has no added sugar and makes for a great savory snack. Biltong is a nice alternative to jerky; less dry, less chewy, less salty. And sometimes less, is more.” – KJ

“I don’t normally eat beef. But holy moly that Peri Peri Biltong was amazing! I loved the kick it had. Spicy food is my life, and the peri peri spice is different from anything I’ve had before. Can we add this to our office snack list?” -CG

“Joburg Steakhouse was my favorite! The herb and spice blend really did bring out the full flavors of the meat. And I’m on Keto so it’s perfect.” -PD

We like them not only because the biltong is uniquely flavored and absolutely delicious, but also because Brooklyn Biltong gives back to their current community. The Brooklyn-based company also sees the importance of bringing fresh food with little preservatives to people in need. The company seeks to do some good in their community by contributing 10% of profits to “The Homeless Bus” in NYC.

So, whether you’re a practicer of keto, an eater of jerky, a lover of new things, of South Africa, or a doer of good, there’s tons of reasons to get behind Brooklyn Biltong.

Check out their store and get yours fast!

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