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African Drinks That Are Out of This World

Africa is an amazing continent, and so are its drinks! We are going to take a look at the top drinks out of Africa that are out of this world. These drinks are popularly consumed and shared with each other throughout Africa and even around the world. From coffee to wine and many other types of drinks, African drinks are well-known internationally. Here are a few that you should be sure to try.

Ethiopia Travel coffee

Ethiopian coffees are widely recognized. As you may, coffee originated in Ethiopia. It’s geographically in the perfect location to produce many types of coffee. One of the most famous types of coffee is called “Ethiopia Genika”. It’s found in he Bench Maji Zone of Ethiopia. One of the major reasons for the popularity of Ethiopian coffee is the taste. The taste varies for each cup depending on where it was grown, the type of coffee bean, etc. African coffee beans are widely being used in many famous coffee brands. People love to drink Ethiopian coffee products. The flavor of Ethiopian coffee is usually described as stronger, fruity and floral. These features give it the rich taste that people recognize and enjoy.


Love smoothies? if yes then you should try African drink Umqombothi. Umgombothi is very famous drink in Africa and widely consumed in many countries, especially South Africa. It’s a drink typically enjoyed in a social setting such as with friends and family. The name of Umqombothi originates from the Zulu and Xhosa language. It’s a beer made from Corn, Sorghum malt, yeast and water with maize malt. Umqombothi also has many health benefits. It’s a great source of Vitamin-B. It’s also its a safe drink with low alcohol content. It was a time when women were not allowed to drink Umqombothi. Nowadays, everybody is allowed to enjoy this drink anywhere. Thankfully, you can try it to know why it’s such a staple in many African socials.

Kenya is already known for it’s landscapes and amazing sightseeing. Now, you’ll recognize Kenya for being the home of the Kenyan Dawa. The Kenyan Dawa is known across the continent as one of the premier cocktails that you can order. With its ingredients like Lime juice, Vodka and honey and a Dawa stick, this is the most exciting drink you will ever find in Africa. ‘Dawa’ is Swahili word which translates to ‘medicine.’ It’s believed that drinking the Kenyan Dawa can change your mood. It’s recommended to try it when you’re unhappy or sad and the drink will make you feel better. It’s also said to cure your tensions. This therapeutic drink will do more than give you a nice buzz.

Nigerian Chapman drink

Nigerian Chapman is another great cocktail drink and famous in Africa. People from around the world search for specifically for the Nigerian Chapman recipe so that they can easily make it at home and taste the drink. It’s frequently homemade. It has many rich ingredients that provide the full flavor of this drink. Some of the ingredients include: Angostura aromatic bitters, fruit juice, ice cubes, bottles of Fanta and Sprite with grenadine syrup. With the addition of the angostura extract in Nigerian Chapman, many people assume that it’s an alcoholic drink, It’s not. None of the ingredients used contain alcohol which means that it can be enjoyed by anyone.

You may already be aware of the fact that there are millions of palm trees in Africa. People around the continent love to make drinks made from palm fruits. It’s led to the creation of a drink called African Palm Wine. It is an alcoholic drink that has grown its popularity far from just being a must-try African drink. It’s now available in places including Asia and the Caribbean. The African Palm Wine is made by extracting the sap from a palm tree. There are many different kinds of species of palm trees including date palms, coconut palms, Palmyra, etc. Each gives a unique taste to the African Palm Wine. Once the sap is extracted, it’s processed naturally to create the wine drink. It’s one of the top natural alcoholic drinks that you’ll find from Africa. The traditional ways of making this drink have been preserved to maintain that original appeal of it.

Rock Shandy

When you visit Africa, one drink you’ll come across is Rock Shandy. Africa has a generally hot climate and this drink is one of the preferred methods for cooling off. It’s a refreshing drink made by mixing lemonade, soda water, and Angostura bitters. Just as with the Nigerian Chapman, this drink can be changed with the amount of Angostura is used when preparing it. A lot of it will make it an alcoholic drink but without it, it’s a drink for all ages. This drink is sold common in many restaurants. You won’t have a hard time finding out why it’s out of this world.

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