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These are the 10 Best African Restaurants in Chicago

Chicago is one of the most visited cities in the United States and a hot spot for African Cuisine. Every year, over 52 million people visit The Windy City of Chicago, a city filled with so many outstanding restaurants! Out of the 5,000+ restaurants located in the city, we have compiled a list of top ten restaurants that you ought to pay a visit to achieve an otherworldly experience while delving into some exciting dining experiences in Chicago!

The Demera Ethiopian Restaurant is a two-minute walk from the Aragon Ballroom which makes it an ideal place to eat after a night out. This restaurant offers a great variety of meals, generous portions, and reasonable prices! Make it in time for lunch to take advantage of the $10 or less lunch special which may be served with Kik Alicha, Ye-Siga Wot, and Mitchetabish Alicha. If you can get a table of four or five going, we recommend Sambusa Sampler and the family style platter sampler which includes tilapia, split yellow peas, and cabbage and carrots.

Badou Senegalese Cuisine is perfect for those who have always been curious to try African food outside of the scope of Ethiopian and South African restaurants. The staff here are polite, friendly, and attentive and the food is prepared to your liking! Start your meal with an appetizer like the Chicken Pastel which has a yummy crispy crust enveloping the chicken. No dish will taste the same after you try the Thiebou Djen, the national Senegalese dish that includes Djolof rice and fish fillet!

Step into the Ethiopian Diamond Bar for a casual and laidback date with a friend or significant other (or some quality date time with yourself). It features a full bar that includes delicious cocktails and drinks like the Ethiopian Sunrise which looks like a Tequila Sunrise and consists of tequila, grenadine, orange juice, and cherry garnish. For dinner, try the Chicken & Beef Tibs which is a great recommendation for the meat lovers while the spinach and potato sambusas along with the veggie platter brings filling portions for those who prefer to not eat meat. If you enjoy seafood, you will thank us later for recommending the Spicy Fried Tilapia with collard greens, cabbage, and lentils.

Nando’s Peri Peri is a restaurant that serves food inspired by South African and Portuguese recipes. It is particularly known for having the best grilled chicken that you will find in Chicago. We recommend you try their chicken wings with Peri-Peri sauce alongside a Blood Orange and Mango Lemonade. You definitely should not pass up on ordering the entrée, Nandoca’s Choice, which is a whole butterflied Peri-Peri chicken breast served on garlic bread and topped with house-made coleslaw! Keep in mind that you must order at the counter and wait for your food to be brought to you.

Ras Dashen stands out for its great selection of dishes and flexibility with serving your entrées. If you want to try a wide variety of flavors, you would absolutely enjoy ordering the vegan sampler which comes with five different sides! The vegetarian option is great but meat lover’s delight is the Yebeg Tibs Ferfer house special which is lamb sautéed in mita sauce, onion, garlic, rosemary, spices, all served with pieces of injera. We cannot let you leave without first getting a taste of the sweet Ethiopian Tej!

The cozy atmosphereresented by Shokran restaurant does a great job of making its visitors feel at ease. Or maybe it is the Moroccan Mint Tea that has everyone feeling so relaxed.  Either way this is a must-try restaurant with one-of-a-kind Moroccan meal options. Try the Briwats appetizer to prepare you for the Lamb Fez entrée which tastes like a mix of cinnamon, almond, and honey!

The Ethiopian Diamond restaurant is so popular that this second location will have you wondering where it has been all of your life. Join the evening festivities as talented local musicians energetically perform while you eat dinner. If you are vegetarian, we recommend you try the Gomen, Duba Wat, and Yatklit Wat! Make a reservation if you are planning to visit during prime time for the best service and remember to bring cash as this restaurant is cash only!

The Bisi African Restaurant serves delicious Nigerian food in a high class setting which means that the meal presentation and service is nothing short of stellar. For the vegetarians, we recommend the Moi-Moi which is pureed African honey beans steamed with spices and herbs and served with a side of steamed rice. For the non-vegetarian eaters, we recommend the Ayameshe which consists of a blend of green bell pepper with spice and herbs, and also served with a side of steamed white rice, meat, and fish.

Being the first Senegalese restaurant in the city, this restaurant offers an out of this world experience. It features a vibrant, sleek interior with walls covered in traditional art pieces. Make sure to try the Fataya appetizer which is a spicy, deep-fried salmon patty served with a tangy dipping sauce. The natural flavors used to make the Yassa Lamb, Djolof Rice, and Dibi Chicken give the dishes an authentic taste which makes this location so special!

The Mogadishu restaurant located in downtown Chicago, is the perfect place to visit after a long day exploring the city. The food is healthy and flavorful (and the chefs always provide generous portions). For one takeout order that brings rice, chicken legs, beef stew, spinach, and potato, you can feed two-three people! The Somalian Rice is also a must-try as it brings lentils, sautéed chicken, fried fish fillets, cabbage, and carrot sauté. Stop by the Mogadishu to see for yourself why it is one of Chicago’s most visited restaurants!

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