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African Clothing for Men

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African clothing articles are unique in its style as it represents symbolism, tribalism and history. Traditional African articles of clothing date back to many hundreds of years ago. Africa is a continent full of different cultures and people and African clothing represents all of these styles. Throughout the years African clothing has been modernized and changed to fit the latest fashion trends, while still keeping its unique style. Today, African clothing comes in diverse colors, design, materials and styles. They can be used for various functions and occasions or even just for everyday wear. Each of these clothing styles has their very own authentic look and identity.

African clothing styles for men have come a long way throughout the ages. The styles are usually designed to correspond to various functions which and occasions. The style and culture of African clothes can be worn and displayed in any place or time and they make a distinctive statement about the man who chooses to wear them. Kangas and kitenges are used in East Africa with T-shirts and are also often worn around the waist in hot weather. Kenyan men wear a long-sleeved dashiki shirt, which goes with matching pants and a kofia (hat). Some men still wear kaftans today as modern styles develop and grow, although today they are mostly worn with a more casual style. Men sometimes wear a white robe called a kanzu. A kanzu has a tassel and a small round cap (kofia) and others wear dashiki shirts and a cap for informal events.

Types of African Clothing for Men

There are two types of clothing for men:

  1. Traditional African clothing, and
  2. Modern African clothing.

These are usually referred to as African fashion. The traditional clothing includes Kitenge, Lace, Leso, Gele, Iro, Isiagu, Kanzu and Kalasiris.

The most popular African clothing for men includes:


Kente is the most popular and the most celebrated of all African clothing styles. The Kente is made from African silk and has vibrant geometric patterns, colours and designs. Every piece of Kente has a specific meaning. Originating from Ghana, it is not only good to look at, but represents the cultural heritage of the African continent.


The Grand Boubou is a four-piece garment for men that is crafted and tailored specially to represent masculinity. The garment includes pants, a top, a Boubou outer garment, and a Kufi hat. This clothing style emphasizes everyday functional clothing with an embroidered gold pattern.


The Yoruba is a four-piece outfit which consists of a hat, Buba, embroidered pants, and an Agbada.

The Ghanaian smock:

The Ghanaian smock is a plaid shirt that is similar to the dashiki and it is worn by men in Ghana. It is also called a fugu or a batakari. It is made of hand-loomed strips of Kente fabric.


The dashiki is a colorful garment for men that can be used for both informal and formal events. It features a stunning piece of embroidery around the neck area. The dashiki is made from African print, lace, silk, brocade, suiting or cotton fabrics.

What Is Modern African Clothing for Men?

Modern African clothing is informal wear or attire that can be used to wear to work or to wear on a daily basis. It is African fashion in the modern era that has been merged with European styles to make it an everyday attire. Modern dashikis, for example, come in various designs and patterns today. Most modern Africans wear Western-styled pants, shirts, dresses and shoes.

Modern African clothing for men includes items like African print skirts, trousers, jumpsuits, playsuits, etc. These African outfits are made using African wax prints or Ankara prints but are presented in a modern, stylish form. Other modern clothing includes African print bow ties, dashiki tops, and African print sweaters.

Africans continue to wear special clothing for various African rituals and special events, although today, these outfits have a modern touch to it. African fashion design is very popular, bringing a sense of beauty into today’s fashion industry. While fabrics such as cotton are widely spread all over the world, more refined ones, like silk or velvet, are worn only by a small part of the world population, which makes them extremely popular. The clothing is often vibrant, edgy and popular in the African fashion industry, which is what makes them so versatile.

Modern clothing colors that are popular include yellow hues, bold burgundies and hints of brown. The style and culture of African clothes, even in the modern era, can be worn and displayed in any place or time and will make a distinctive statement about the man who chooses to wear them. Modern clothing not only makes people aware of the rich history and culture behind African clothes but adds even more distinct and unique style to men’s choices in these styles.

How Can You Tell If African Clothing for Men Is Traditional?

Traditional African clothes have finer details and patch work which makes them unique in nature. It usually has African printed designs that are reflected on a piece of cloth. Not only does the design look classy, but it also gives a traditional look. Apart from the print style used, the use of multiple colors often represents the style of traditional African clothing.

There are various styles available, which include articles of clothing that are Kenyan, Nigerian, Ghanaian, Senegalese, Rwandan, Ugandan, Egyptian, Kitenge, Lace, Leso, Gele, Iro, Isiagu, Kanzu, Kalasiris, etc. Each style is a reflection of its region and diversity. The ethnic styles are versatile and an informative way to visually represent what African clothing and culture is about. African clothes are ideal for those wishing to connect with both past and future generations.

Popular Accessories That Go with African Clothing for Men

 There are many hoodies, jewelry, scarves, head wraps, caps, hats, shoes and other items that are available, which are specially designed to match African clothing.

Matching African articles of clothing with accessories can be done through the use of different items including:

  • Suede shoes and loafers for the man
  • A kufi or a kufi cap, which is a brimless, short and rounded cap
  • An aso oke hat, which is a traditional Yoruba hat that is made of hand-woven African fabric
  • An Iborun or Ipele which is a shawl or shoulder sash
  • A wrapper, which is a colourful garment that can be used for formal and informal functions and suits both simple draped clothing to fully tailored ensembles

African Clothing for Men, Most Popular Brands

Today’s top clothing brands for men take traditional African clothing articles and give the clothes a contemporary twist to suit modern clothing, while still keeping the authentic African style. African brands are constantly evolving and expanding to keep up with the latest and famous trends. Some of these brands include:

  • Dent de Man
  • Ikire Jones
  • Orange Culture
  • Adriaan Kuiters
  • JZO

Where to Buy African Clothing for Men?

Fortunately, if you live in Africa, there are stores worldwide that sell traditional and modern African articles of clothing. A quick search on the internet with your location is all you need. If you are unable to get to a store, online shopping is always available. Amazon has a range of African clothes and categories for easy access to clothing from around the world.

Visit your local clothing stores that stock traditional African articles of clothing to purchase these unique and elegant pieces for men. Online shopping is also available for quick and convenient access to clothing. There are many African clothing stores such as Kisua, Diyanu and Amazon. Demand Africa also has a range of apparel that is suited to the African clothing for men of style.