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African Fashion Trends of 2018

2018 is going down in style. Fashion shows, runaways and fashion editorials are thrilling our senses with the latest style and sharing statement there is. Sometimes the information may just be too overwhelming!

Right here in Africa, certain trends are taking the lead ahead of others.  Which is why we came up with a list of ten current trends to keep you up to date and a little less overwhelmed.

If you plan on getting some attention with your wardrobe, these listed items are must haves.

Statement sleeves
  1. Statement Sleeves – statement sleeves are the rave now. From bell sleeves to trumpet sleeves, to large frills and ruffles, African fashionistas can’t seem to get enough of this bold trend. Most tailors and designers are incorporating statement sleeves to dresses and blouses made of African wax prints and the result is fashionable and dramatic.
  2. Sequins – 2018 is a year of anything shinny and glittering. Sequins have always been a trend but these days, its popularity is rapidly spreading. African designers and tailors are using sequins on dresses and blouses made from wax prints.  We have also managed ti make our hot weather work for our good. The effect the rays of sunlight creates on a sequined wax print is gorgeous and dazzling.
  3. Dashiki – the Dashiki is more than just a tee shirt. This loose fitting traditional cotton clothe with a v-neck is perfect for the hot humid weather in most African countries.

The dashiki has always been around and will clearly stick around for a long long while. It’s very chic, comfortable, cool and of course ethnic. It’s versatility is also a huge plus. Dashiki goes along with pretty much anything: denim, skirts, leggings, shorts, you name it.

  1. Bold mixed prints – this 2018, people are no more interested in playing it safe with colours. Forget all the colour rules you’ve been taught and bravely mix and match prints as you please. More and more people are mixing and matching wax prints into a single clothe. For example, a dress can have about two to three wax prints blended into it. The result is stunning, loud and fashionable.
  2. Head wraps -the head wrap is increasingly becoming popular, thanks to the rise and rise of naturalistas who have sworn to say no to the creamy crack. As more African women embrace the texture of kinky hair, attachments, weapons and hair relaxers are thrown out the window and head wraps are embraced.

Silk head wraps retain hair moisture. Don’t forget that head wraps are not only stylish but convenient. There are so many head wraps available; turbans, shorties, scarves, you name it. There are also different styles of knotting headwraps. Head wraps are versatile and complement any accessory or outfit.

Head wrap
  1. Off Shoulder – off shoulder is one trend that must be incorporated into your style this 2018. Off shoulder dresses, blouses and jumpsuits are chic, sensual and very feminine. More and more fashion designers and tailors are teasing their clients with beautiful off shoulder designs made with wax prints and textures.
  2. Denim – we can’t discuss the latest fashion trends without mentioning denim. Denim jeans are timeless pieces that will never go out of fashion. There are different styles of denim trending these days: ripped denim, boot cut denim, mom jeans,  high-waisted and skinny denim jeans. Denim jeans are great with wax prints and more people are ditching regular blouses for blouses made of wax prints. The result is a creative fusion of contemporary style and ethnicity.
  3. Palazzo – Palazzo pants are here to stay. They are chic, convenient, funky and extremely comfortable in the tropics. They also make a loud fashion statement. Palazzo pants come in different cuts, styles and colours and are great with block heels and sandals. Interestingly, fashion designers in Africa are making palazzo from African wax prints and textures. Palazzos complement jewellery, and it’s always great to wear one.
  4. Block and chunky heels – apart from their comfort, chunky heels are funky, loud and flatter the ankles. Their balanced heels make them a relief from stilettoes no to mention they come in different colours, styles and textures.  Chunky heels complement just about any outfit but look really great with skinny jeans.
  5. Side slits – side slits are in vogue. Feisty, sensual and very feminine, side slits are attention grabbers. Designers and tailors have incorporated this style into most wax print dresses and the effect is stunning. The perfect side slit is not too low, and not too high. The perfect side slit is equally proportioned, showing just enough skin to stir the imagination, but not too much to kill the imagination.

So there you have it! Ten fashion trends you can experiment with. We encourage you to be creative with as many trends as you can. But while doing that, remember that less is more!