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BellaNaija's Guide to Nigerian Weddings

Every Nigerian woman wants her wedding featured in BellaNaija weddings. Founded in 2006 by Uche Eze, BellaNaija is a successful heavy weight in the fashion and entertainment industry in Nigerian weddings. BellaNaija is also a reputable fashion guide, keeping it’s million of readers updated with the latest aso ebi styles, ankara designs and most of all, the glitz and glamour of high profile weddings.

In this video, BellaNaija weddings show cases the classy wedding of a high profile Nigerian couple. This video has it all; gorgeous wedding gown, dappered suits, shoes, tuxedos, hair, make up, jewelleries,  a beautiful bride, flower bouquets, exotic wedding reception,  and of course the limousine ride for the bride.

BellaNaija weddings has contributed largely to the evolution of wedding celebrations in Nigeria. Thanks to their regular and consistent features of unique weddings celebrated all over Nigeria,  wedding ceremonies are more than just cultural events. They’ve become a platform for couples to express themselves in different, varied and original ways. For example, the classic white gown is no longer a norm, these days brides are opting for subtle shades of cream, peach and pink wedding gowns. Brides are also daring enough to change their wedding gowns during the reception.  Some brides have as much as two to three dress ups. The wedding gowns are swapped for more bold and daring dresses that come in gold, green, red, orange and in different styles and cuts.