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What If Movie Icons Wore African Fashion?

What If Movie Icons Wore African Fashion? is a 10-part fashion-forward digital series that utilizes models to reimagine—with an African twist—historic celebrity fashion trends.

These trends have been encapsulated in iconic films, such as Clueless, Annie Hall, The Seven Year Itch, Rebel Without A Cause, The Matrix, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s to name a few.

In each amazing homage, it becomes quite clear that the wardrobe featured in the ten films honored was just as much the star of the movie as the actors that immortalized them.

The centuries old method of creating wax prints stem from Dutch influences and inventions, but the very heart of African fabrics has always been a historical symbol of African pride and cultural relevance.

African fabric is vibrant, distinctive, beautifully intricate, and intertwined with all aspects of life on the continent. A kaleidoscope of colors that cover walls, floors, store fronts, bags, baskets, head wraps, and the people of Africa and the Diaspora.

Appreciation is growing and can be verified by global sales of African fashion inching toward the billion-dollar mark.  But there are still some misconceptions about its cultural significance.

Belinda Compah-Keyeke, owner and lead designer of African fashion line Zoharous, made a powerful statement during Accra’s Fashion Week in July 2018.

She said, “African print is literally our first point of contact to our culture as Africans because when we are born, we are wrapped in a wax print.  It is a major part of every African’s heritage and every wax print tells a unique African story.”

These stories of African pride are shared by many of the top African blogs.  Emma Jean Menteath, Brett Robson, and Aisha Baker are just a few of the bloggers who are helping bring African fashion from the continent into the mainstream.  These names and others made the Top 20 list of African fashion bloggers.

African designers are also receiving their much-deserved spotlight as well and over the last few years, their designs have been prominently displayed on runways in Paris, Milan, Africa, London, and New York.  Some of the leading designers can be seen here.

We too are motivated to tell a compelling story with our campaign. Every classic outfit is reinterpreted with vibrant pops of color utilizing traditional African fabrics and accessories handcrafted by designers from Gambia, Nigeria, Egypt, Sierra Leone and the Diaspora.

African Wax Fabric

Talented and diverse models morph into their respective fashion legend as well as share their heartfelt perspectives on the importance of the project. These stunning transformations are a powerful convergence of afro-futurism and 21st Century swag.

Re-Imagining Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

HOLLY GOLIGHTLY played by Audrey Hepburn from BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S modeled by Elle Drane

Styled in: AMMANII Earrings; TEGAA Necklace; SARAYAA Gown

Re-Imagining Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch

THE GIRL played by Marilyn Monroe from SEVEN YEAR ITCH modeled by Celisse Graves

Styled in: AMMANII Necklace + Earrings; OBIOMA Dress; YULL Shoes

Re-Imagining James Dean in Rebel without a Cause

JIM STARK played by James Dean from REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE modeled by Elijah Allan-Blitz

Styled in: OBIOMA Shirt

Re-Imagining Al Pacino in the Godfather

MICHAEL CORLEONE played by Al Pacino from GODFATHER modeled by Jonathan Stanton

Styled in: OBIOMA Shirt + Pocket Square; M ANDREWS Suit

Re-Imagining Alicia Silverstone in Clueless

CHER HOROWITZ played by Alicia Silverstone from CLUELESS modeled by Sara Ishag

Styled in: BADARA Necklace; SARAYAA Jacket; TEGAA Bracelets

Re-Imagining Laurence Fishburne in The Matrix

MORPHEUS played by Laurence Fishburne from THE MATRIX modeled by Jordan Anthony Swain

Styled in: KENNETH NICHOLSON Shirt, AMMANII Necklace, BURKINABAE Sunglasses, M ANDREWS Suit Pants

Re-Imagining Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca

RICK BLAINE played by Humphrey Bogart from CASABLANCA modeled by Jaway

Styled in: OBIOMA Shirt; AFRO CUBAN Hat

Re-Imagining Diane Keaton in Annie Hall

ANNIE HALL played by Diane Keaton from ANNIE HALL modeled by Chanelle Renee

Styled in: MINKU Custom Necktie + Shimmy Shimmy Bling Bling Aso Oke Pants + Salmon Leather Bucket Bag; OBIOMA Shirt; BADARA Custom Sandals; TEGAA Bracelet

Re-Imagining John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever

TONY MANERO played by John Travolta from SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER modeled by Isaiah Lucas

Styled in: STUDIO ONE EIGHT NINE Shirt; OBIOMA Jacket + Vest; AMMANII Necklace; JF LONDON Shoes

Re-Imagining Ursula Andress in Dr. No

HONEY RIDER played by Ursula Andress from DR. NO modeled by Tia Hurley

Styled in: TEGAA Necklace; AVNAH Swimwear; BURKINABAE Bracelet

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This inspired campaign is a partnership between The Africa Channel and Vanichi Magazine, a fashion lifestyle publication that “showcases creative pioneers and innovators in Fashion, Entertainment, Art and beyond.”

All 10 episodes, plus a bonus overview, are currently available on The Africa and Demand Africa.