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Temi Otedola and JTO Fashion

In 2014, Temi Otedola was inspired to create a fashion blog that would do more than just fashion but also photography, art, literature, travel and beauty care. Inspired by both African and European designs, JTO Fashion show cases creative blends of fashion and design from both continents. Her love for travel also showcases fashion from Paris, Milan and New York.

Over the years, JTO Fashion has proved to be much more than just a fashion blog but a platform that provides up to date and reliable information on the changing trends of fashion in the world. This has helped African fashionistas and designers come up with designs that are not only beautiful but relevant and up to date.

In this video, Temi Otedola interviews the owner of Vanleles Diamonds, Vania Leles. In this interview, Vania talks about the start up of her company in 2011, her inspirations from African designs and cultures,  her love for jewelry and the challenges she has encountered in setting up her company in London. A jeweller with a Portuguese heritage, Vania has succeeded in melding African and European fashion, which is why JTO Fashion took the time to interview her. It’s evident that JTO Fashion has a soft spot for melding African fashion with fashion from other continents in the world.