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11 Places to Plan Your Next African Family Vacation

Going on an African Family Vacation with your whole family is a sure way of creating memories that will last a lifetime. The kids will experience so many fun thing that will continue their education outside of the classroom, ensuring that they grow up to be well-rounded adults.

African Family Vacation 1

The key thing about traveling as a family is that you have to find places with fun activities for everyone. The adventures should be interesting to the kids and adults in your company, this way everyone will have a nice time. The best African travel destinations cater to the whole family, meaning that whether you are looking to stretch out and relax or explore the wonders of the continent, these destinations will leave you in awe.


Mauritius Family vacation

Mauritius is one of the most family-friendly destinations in Africa. It is safe, accessible and affordable, meaning that you don’t have to leave any member of your family behind. The resorts in Mauritius were built with kids in mind. There are so many fun adventures to keep all members of your family entertained. The kids can take arts and crafts lessons, go swimming, or jump in the water for some snorkeling. The experts are on hand to supervise the kids in mini golf and tennis while the adults explore the beautiful island.

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Victoria Falls, Zambia & Zimbabwe


African Family Vacation 3

Do you have preteens and teenagers and wonder how to keep them engaged during vacations? Victoria Falls is the place to go. This glorious waterfall can be seen from Zambia and Zimbabwe. You can see the waterfall when you visit either country. If your family loves to get in some adrenaline kick you can go bungee jumping, bridge swinging, and water rafting. A vacation here is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

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Lake Malawi, Tanzania & Mozambique


African Family Vacation 4

Lake Malawi is the place to go if you have older, active kids. Lake Malawi is a popular travel destination and you must experience it for yourself. Things to do in Lake Malawi include Kayaking, snorkeling and sailing. Treat your family to an unforgettable vacation and surprise them with tickets to Tanzania or Mozambique.


African Family Vacation 5

The pyramids are one of the wonders of the world, so plan to explore them with your family. Spend the vacation visiting the tombs of famous and not so famous Pharaohs. You can wander through local markets and bazaars and pick up lovely arts and crafts for your friends back home. Wondering what it would feel like to go on a cruise down the Nile? A vacation in Egypt will allow you to do just that. There is also the Red Sea to explore. You will love your time in Egypt.

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African Family Vacation 6

Tanzania is one of the best safari destinations in the world. The country offers many wildlife parks and exotic animals of all sizes. This is an ideal place to travel with older children. The whole family will enjoy drives around the wildlife parks. Don’t forget to pack a camera to document your time together.


African Family Vacation 7

Tunisia is a must-see wonder! There are fun activities for every member of the family. Whether the adults in your company prefer a chill vacation or the younger ones want activities that will kick adrenaline into high gear. See historic amphitheaters, old Star Wars movie set and stunning beaches with sun-bleached sands. Buy locally-made goods in vibrant bazaars. Go on camel rides, explore beautiful cave homes and camp out in the desert.


African Family Vacation 8

Looking to go on a self-drive safari? Look no further than Namibia! There are so many fun things to do in Namibia that you will happily extend your vacation to fit in all the exciting adventures. Most of the country is malaria-free, so that’s one less thing to worry about. You will be awed by beautiful symmetrical sand dunes and breathtaking beaches. There are friendly Namibians to give you first-hand hunting lessons. Your Namibian holiday is not complete without wildlife viewings in Etosha.

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African Family Vacation 9

Enjoy water safaris in mokoros (traditional canoes). You can also track animals like rhinos. The locals are as eager to teach you how to track animals as you are to learn. Victoria Falls is just across the border, if you are interested in seeing it in all its majestic glory. Places to see also include Okavango Delta and Kalahari Desert. Water rafting is available for people who love being active on vacations. Botswana is wonderful for families with children above the age of 10.


African Family Vacation 10

Morocco is known for beautiful sights and sounds. The country is super family-friendly! Enjoy the beautiful smell of spices, bustling markets and stunning beaches like Essaouira. The desert is open to exploration and you can absolutely do it on a camel! Another wonderful thing about Morocco is the abundance of food. Gorge on kebabs, pastries, couscous, fresh nuts and fruits. Your taste buds will forever remember your trip to Morocco.


African Family Vacation 11

Experience safari at its finest. Kenya is best for families who want relaxation and adventure. The wildlife parks in Kenya may be deemed small compared to other wildlife parks in Africa, but rest assured that the size will not affect your enjoyment of Kenya. See beautiful animals in the wild. Most tour packages offer an additional beach holiday in Mombasa!

South Africa

African Family Vacation 12

When people think of a vacation in Africa, the first county that comes to mind is usually South Africa. And the reason is that South Africa is stunning and has something for everyone. This travel destination caters to everyone whether you’re traveling solo or going with every member of your family. You can swim with penguins in Cape Town, go up Table Mountain in a rotating cable car, or just relax on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The Cape Winelands have creative activities for the kids when you go for wine tasting, so there’s no reason to leave anyone behind.

Africa has some hot travel destinations. The best places to go on vacations are those where you can choose from a range of activities that everyone in your company will enjoy. Plan a visit to Africa because there are so many adventure spots on the continent.