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15 Remarkable Things To Do in Cape Town

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Cape Town, South Africa, is a stunning African destination many people have on their bucket list. The reason is simple: this city is a must-see. This African vacation hot spot has something for everyone, so whether you’re traveling solo, vacationing with friends or looking to create lasting memories with your family, you are sure to be overwhelmed by the number of fun things you can do here.

Cape Town has a wonderful mix of cultures, meaning that not only will you fit right in but you will be made to feel at home. If you’re still trying to decide if Cape Town is the right destination for you, here are 15 remarkable things to do in Cape Town.

See the Super Stunning Table Mountain

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Hike up Table Mountain or ride in a cable car to get unbelievable views of the surrounding vista. The five-minute cable car journey will give you spectacular views you cannot get anywhere else. Also, the floor of the cable car spins slowly, giving you a 360 view of the beautiful surroundings.

Enjoy Aquatic Life at Two Oceans Aquarium

Things to Do in Cape Town3

This is an amazing place to take your whole family. Treat your kids to tanks filled with beautiful sea life. The aquarium lights give this place a dreamy look that will not be forgotten in a hurry. The different exhibits afford you varied viewing options. Feeling extra adventurous? You can dive in with some sharks in the main tank.

Get Some Retail Therapy at the Canal Walk Shopping Center

Things to Do in Cape Town4

This is one of the biggest shopping centers in Cape Town. There are many shops to choose from, whether you are looking to buy clothes or food. Not in the mood to shop? this place is also famed for its entertainment value, as there are game arcades, cinemas,  and restaurants. Buy gifts for your friends and family back home and chill afterwards in one of the many entertainment spots around.

Enjoy the Sunset at Clifton Beaches

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Go right ahead and pack a picnic basket, you will love spreading out on the lovely white sands of Clifton Beaches. Are you a fan of people watching? This is just the place to put on some dark shades and enjoy watching the many tourists that frequent this beach. The water might be freezing, but you will enjoy lounging on the beach.

Get a Dose of Medical History at the Heart of Cape Town Museum

Things to Do in Cape Town6

The informative guided tours are sure to leave you amazed at how far modern medicine has come. This museum is located in the building where the first heart transplant took place, so you’ll learn about the transplant subject as well as the medical personnel that did the surgery. You don’t need a medical degree to enjoy this place.

Unwind at Green Point Park and Biodiversity Garden

Things to Do in Cape Town7

This is a beautiful place to spend family time. There is a large space for football or Frisbee with the kids, and lush lawns for picnics and relaxation. Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend time surrounded by nature.

Invent Your Own Fragrance at the First South African Perfume Museum

Here, you’ll get a first-hand lesson on the history and evolution of perfumes. Marvel at the amazing display and priceless collection. The dainty perfume bottles will leave you in awe! The guides here are willing to help you invent your own perfume. Carry a heavy wallet, you’ll be tempted to splurge on the perfumes. Visiting this museum is a sensory experience you’ll never forget.

Get Immersed in the South African Sports World at the Springbok Experience Rugby Museum

Things to Do in Cape Town9

South Africa is a rugby country, so you can witness this enthusiasm first-hand by visiting this museum. You will learn about the important role rugby played during apartheid. After your tour, the gift shop has items your friends and relatives will love.

Learn About Nelson Mandela’s Incarceration at Robben Island

Things to Do in Cape Town10

The 45-minute boat trip to the island is totally worth it! You can’t visit Cape Town without going to Robben Island. The guided tour through the prison where Nelson Mandela was held for decades is a must-see, even though it is sad history.

Stretch Out and Enjoy the Sun at Fish Hoek Beach

Things to Do in Cape Town11

This beach is not busy or touristy, so relax and enjoy tasty fish and chips from the many food stalls nearby. Things to do at Fish Hoek Beach include shopping at the fresh fish market, watching colorful boats from the shore, and swimming in the warm waters.

Relish Good Weather Days at the Cape Wheel

Things to Do in Cape Town12

This is another great place to visit with your family. The views at the top are stunning! Hello couples, what’s more romantic than spending time with the love of your life at the Cape Wheel? Spending time with them at the Cape Wheel at twilight, of course!

Sign Up for Wine Tasting Tours

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Set aside a few days and travel through the Cape Winelands and you’ll never forget the experience. You can visit wine estates and learn about their histories. Taste exquisite wines with cheese or chocolate pairings and watch your taste buds explode. Still wondering why you should bother with wine tours? You’ll get great food, wonderful company and amazing wines.
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Go Paragliding at Signal Hill

Things to Do in Cape Town14

Get a breathtaking view of the city from the top of Signal Hill. Grab your camera, you will love the great vacation photos you’ll take here. For fans of paragliding, there are many companies offering this service. Get an adrenaline fix by flying over Cape Town!

Treat Yourself to Fine Dining at Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

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The harbor has a contagious vibrant atmosphere you will absolutely love. Shop till you drop and replenish in one of the many restaurants after. Pick up a few handmade gifts in one of the gift shops afterwards.

Old Biscuit Mill: The San Miguel of Cape Town

Things to Do in Cape Town16

An amazing array of drinks and food. Throw some shopping into the mix and you have a memorable visit to a bustling neighborhood market.

Your visit to Cape Town is one you’ll never forget. There are so many fun things to do in Cape Town that you’ll be tempted to extend your vacation by a few days just to fit in more activities.