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5 Amazing Places for a Honeymoon in Africa

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Now that your perfect wedding is over, you are probably wondering about the best place to start off your happily ever after. Look no further than Africa! Yes, you read right. There are magical places in Africa for those looking for a romantic post-wedding getaway.

Weddings are grueling affairs. Think of all the running around involved in making sure that no tiny detail is overlooked. Reward yourselves by picking an African paradise as your honeymoon destination. What’s in it for you? You will relax in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere with the one you love. You could even end up creating wonderful memories that will keep you coming back for romantic anniversaries.

How to Choose a Great Honeymoon Destination

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No, you shouldn’t pick a honeymoon spot because you saw glossy pictures in your travel agent’s office. Your honeymoon spot deserves the amount of consideration as your wedding, after all, one is only an extension of the other. But before you buy book your flight and hotel, you should consider these:


Can you afford the honeymoon without going bankrupt this early in your marriage? If so, go right ahead and pick a spot you like. The truth is that the you can book beautiful destinations no matter the size of your budget. African honeymoon destinations are beautiful and affordable, and for this, you should definitely consider them.

Your plans

Your choice of honeymoon destination should also be determined by your idea of post-wedding bliss. Do you want a honeymoon where you do nothing but stretch out on the beach? Are you looking for some TLC under the hands of expert masseuses? Do you want a vibrant place where you can mix with the locals and soak in the culture? Are you an adrenaline buff looking for a place where you can engage in extreme physical activities? Then pick a place that offers you whatever you think is fun.

Easy Access

A perfect honeymoon destination should be one where you can pop in and out without immigration hassles. Having to wait too long to get visas could put a dampener on your romantic mood. The good news is that some of the most beautiful places in Africa offer you visa on arrival.

Consider the Season

This is important because you don’t want to pack your most flattering bikinis and end up having to stay bundled up in your room because you had unwittingly scheduled your visit for winter. Confirm the season before you book your flight. The good thing is that in most parts of Africa, summer is usually a year-long affair.

The Most Amazing Honeymoon Destinations in Africa

These breath-taking destinations might just make you extend your honeymoon.

Obudu Cattle Ranch, Nigeria

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Ever wondered how the clouds would feel against your skin? This dreamy location allows you to hold the hand of your partner while walking through the clouds! Literally. The mountain resort stands majestically at 1716m above sea level. The scenic mountain view is everything, and you can marvel at it all from a cable car. Obudu cattle ranch is such a nice departure from the hustle and bustle of whatever city you are arriving from. Here, you get to feel like you’re one with nature. Gorge on clean, fresh air devoid of pollutants. Hiking fans, you will need to pack your gear as there are lovely spots to explore.

Cape Town, South Africa

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Hollywood can’t get enough of South Africa, and this is evident in the fact that safari movies shot in SA are released almost every year. While you’ll enjoy wearing your khakis out to exiting safari adventures, do you know that this country has a lot more to offer beside wildlife? If an active honeymoon is what you have in mind, then Cape Town is definitely the place to go. You will enjoy Table Mountain and the surrounding lush vista stretching as far as the eyes can see. The beaches here are some of the most beautiful in the world. You can immerse yourself in the history of South Africa by visiting museums and other historic buildings. Your honeymoon in Cape Town could serve as an opportunity to cross off some activities on your bucket list. Go skydiving, scuba diving and shark diving.

The Bom Bom Resort, Island of Principe

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One word: spectacular! This is the place for fans of romantic, quiet honeymoons. The resort sits in the middle of two beaches. Imagine being surrounded by the most amazing turquoise waters and sun-bleached white sands. You will leave this resort refreshed and energized by its natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere. The people here are friendly and quite eager to meet you. What’s not to like?


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Seychelles is a land of beautiful contrasts. Electric blue sky over the lushest greenery, sparkling topaz waters crashing on brilliant white sands, the golden sun overseeing it all. Seychelles will steal your heart and keep it. A honeymoon in Seychelles will you feeling like you’ve just stepped into paradise. Fans of aquatic fun and learners alike will love this place. You can go diving and snorkeling in the clear, warm waters of the island.  You could stretch out on the beach and read your favourite author’s new book. The exotic wildlife here is a must-see. You’ll get to see sea turtles and colourful birds you won’t believe actually exist.


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Zanzibar is breath-taking! Whether you want a cozy, romantic honeymoon or an active and outdoorsy one, Zanzibar has something for everyone. Those who want quiet honeymoons can relax, unwind and take in the beautiful environment in all its splendor. Things to do on your Zanzibar honeymoon also include scuba diving, snorkeling, frolicking in the waters, visiting museums and historic buildings, and getting to know the hospitable people living in the island.

Africa is a paradise worth exploring in its entirety. The continent is fast becoming a honeymoon hot spot for newlyweds who desire romance, beauty and magic. Africa can rival the most popular honeymoon locations in other continents. The best part is that a honeymoon in Africa is budget-friendly.

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