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African Destinations With the Most Romantic Spots

Paris is synonymous with love and romance—but at great cost. Africa, on the other hand, gives you peace, tranquility, nature, and culture together with love at a perfectly sufficient cost.

So what is it that you desire to do? Is it a celebration of love, your honeymoon, time away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Or giving your partner serenity pleasantly mixed with every minute trace of forgotten romance? Africa has places with the most romantic spots, some of which you’ve never heard about. This is your chance.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Romantic Spots Zanzibar Tanzania2

Zanzibar is a perfect place to celebrate love, to rekindle it or reawaken romance. It is East of Africa with its beautiful islands and historic stone town which is a World Heritage Site. With its beaches, historic walking areas, ancient ruins, nature’s spice, gardens, and parks, you’ll have so much to keep your visit constantly enjoyable and adventurous. Your day will be filled with admiring the beauty and wonders of creations while your nights will be filled with sizzling romance from beachside dinners to on-the-beach dinners in small vessels, just the two of you.

One beautiful thing about these islands is the number of cottages or bungalows on each. You have as small as seven cottages on some islands which mean you can have all the privacy you want. Scuba diving and snorkeling is a must-do on any of the major islands. Luxury hotels are available where you get treats fit for a king and his queen. Either in pursuit of adventure, luxury, quiet, or a combination of all, you’ll find it right here.

Mombasa, Kenya

Romantic Spots Mombasa Kenya

If you are in need of an unforgettable, romantic experience, Mombasa will meet up to your expectations. It’s so beautiful with its numerous beaches that you can access via different, posh resorts. Music is an integral part of the Mombasa culture. You can waltz to the sweet smooth sound of Bango with your partner and get that great feeling of togetherness.  The beaches are the major feature of Mombasa, and its resorts just do their utmost to bring the gentle feel of the sea to you.

Nightlife in Mombasa is vibrant. You can plan a night out with your sweetheart. It is one that will be filled with lots of laughter and dance. You’ll get back to your accommodation feeling closer and happier. Then try a dinner cruise in a dhow (local boat) just before bed. Some include the Serena Beach Resort, Voyager Beach Resort, PrideInn Hotel Mombasa, Nyali Beach Holiday Resort, and so on.

Seychelles Islands

Romantic Spots Seychelles Islands

Seychelles islands—an archipelago of about 115 islands with some of the world’s best beaches. Nature is preserved at its best. Fresh air, rare flora and fauna, peace and tranquility, are all here. It is a place where colors come alive.

There are several art galleries where you can find love expressed in art and flower gardens that fill your nostrils with amazing scents. The Ile Cocos Marine National Park is another place you must visit with your beau.

Its turquoise sea surrounded by coral reefs gives you the best kind of snorkeling experience. Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue are major islands you can visit. Get a view of the Vallee de Mai, a World Heritage Site of the largest natural palm forest there is. Love is divine, so is nature. A combination of both is just, swell!

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Lamu Island, Kenya

Romantic Spots Lamu Island Kenya

This is one lovely spot that hasn’t been disvirgined by mass population or visits. Its beach is usually deserted which gives you lone time to reflect together on the past, to think of the present, and to fantasize about the future. You can stroll down the beachside together and just talk.

Sailing the dhow, a local decorated boat, allows you eat, talk, and just love yourselves. You can ride a donkey together as this is the only other means of transportation on the island apart from the dhow.  It is the perfect getaway from horns, sirens, and noises.

The gloriously designed and furnished Swahili townhouses spell the right atmosphere for romance. From Manda Island, you can watch the sunset behind Lamu Island. Everything is stylish and colorful. Things are taken very slowly according to the common phrase “pole-pole”. So, no rush. Just savor every moment.

Benguerra Island, Mozambique

Romantic Spots Benguerra

This is a paradisiacal island. Its luxury resorts are created with romance in mind. It’s clear, white beaches are captivating. If you want to give your partner a luxurious treat, Benguerra Island makes it easily accomplishable. It is described as a destination “where time stands still”. There are plunge pools, a beach shop, and spas for your delight. You can scuba dive, go on a snorkeling trip, dinner cruise, fish or ride a horse.

Some of the best places to stay on the island include Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Ngala Tented Camp, Phinda Rock Lodge, Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge, and Lake Manyara Tree Lodge.

Other places to visit include Sabi Sands Reserve, South Africa, Royal Livingstone Hotel, Zambia, Lake Kivu, Rwanda, and Douz, Tunisia.

Africa with its beaches presents the perfect atmosphere to express love, rekindle passion, and renew resolves. You don’t need to be concerned about bumping into another couple’s love story as common in popular romance spots. These spots are refreshing and cozy enough to keep your romance burning until a next time keenly looked forward to.

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