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5 Things You Can Do In Dakar With Kids

Dakar may be known the world over for its lively nightlife, but kids of all ages can have fun in the city. There are a ton of excursions you can do during the day that will make sure your kids enjoy this West African metropolis, so here are some ideas that are perfect for the whole family.

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Black Civilizations Museum 

The Black Civilizations Museum (Le Musée des Civilisations Noires) is Dakar’s newest museum. Open since December of 2018, the museum is dedicated to displaying the advancements in black culture. The museum is educational for children who want to learn more about the influence of religion in the local society and there are many cool artifacts to discover. 

Mamelles Beach

Mamelles Beach (FR: Plage des Mamelles) is a hidden tourist destination many tourists may not know. To reach the destination, hail a taxi and tell them you want to go to “Plage des Mamelles.” Once you reach the “dip” off the main road, you will walk through a nature path that will eventually lead to the cove. In addition to having a space where you can play beach soccer and swim in the ocean, there is a restaurant where you can order traditional cuisine and drink by the beach.

African Renaissance Monument 

The African Renaissance Monument (FR: Le Monument de la Renaissance Africaine) is the tallest statue in Africa. Standing at a whopping 160 feet, this bronze statue symbolizes the perseverance of the African people, outlasting centuries of turmoil.  

Magic Land

Magic Land is a site for kids to enjoy the amusement rides with an oceanic view. From a large-scale pool to rotating carousels, parents can take a break from walking and watch their children enjoy the mini attractions for hours on end.     

Save Room For Dessert

End the fun-filled days in Dakar with some delectable desserts. If you enjoy ice cream and gelato, there are creameries scattered around the city. Gelatiamo in Mermoz and N’Ice Cream in Dakar-Plateau are favorites, and if you aren’t into ice cream, there are several cafes where you can enjoy pastries with your coffee.    

Bonus: Bandia Nature Reserve

If you can arrange transportation during your trip, visit a destination filled with animals. One hour away from Dakar by Saly, The Bandia Nature Reserve (Réserve de Bandia) features a safari tour of the premises and a sit-down restaurant by the crocodile lake. Although most of these animals are not native to Senegal, you can still spot local species like elands and oryx. This is a fun activity that is engaging and truly unique to the African continent.  

If your kids are more willing to travel outside the Dakar region, other sites of interest include Saint-Louis and the Saloum Delta. There’s something for everyone in and around Dakar! 

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