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What To Do With One Day in Accra

Spending a day in Accra lets you discover one of the most exciting cities in Ghana. Accra is the capital of Ghana and has the highest city population in this region of Africa. Ghana is a very diverse city with things to do for everyone. It is recognized as an economic hub making it a major metropolis. It has a variety of city perks such as lots of shops, nightlife entertainment, and tourist sites for visitors. Ghana receives most of the tourism to this African region and Accra is one of the most popular cities to visit. There are many accommodations and methods of transportation for exploring so it’s a great choice even for a day trip.


Taking time in the morning to go sightseeing is always a great thing to do, such is the case for many large cities. Accra is a popular destination so its most popular sites can get crowded. Also the traffic in the city later in the day can slow down your plans. It’s best to get around as much as you can to see all of the major attractions in Accra.

Visit Accra Black Star Square

One of the most notable areas of Ghana is called Independence Square. This area was established after Ghana gained its independence and has many iconic landmarks to represent it. This square is the location of the Black Star Gate and the Independence Arch. These are popular tourist sites but Independence Square is also a commonplace for locals. Lots of events and festivals are held here including the Independence Day parade held every March 6th.

Accra is the capital so you’ll find lots of political buildings around the city. Most of the government functions and offices of Ghana are located here. The Flagstaff House is the official office and residence of the President of Ghana. There is also the Parliament House of Ghana and the Supreme Court of Ghana.

Next, you’ll want to make your way to the oldest part of the city. This area is referred to as Jamestown. Jamestown is the historical center of Accra, with its establishment dating back to the 17th century. There are many sites around Jamestown to visit. Many of these sites are old forts from the original Danish colonization of Accra.

Visit Accra Cape Coast Castle

Accra is located along the coast which was a significant factor in the development of the city and overall region. One of the most known sites along the coast is the Cape Coast Castle. This castle was a center of the gold trade in the region. It was also a site where slaves began to be transported. Tours are offered the explore the inside of the castle as well as it’s hidden dungeon.

Lunchtime in Accra

After a long day of exploring Accra, lunchtime will be coming around. Luckily, Accra has some unique cuisine that you would not want to miss. You have a lot of food choices in Accra. There’s a variety of types of food as well as opting to eat at a restaurant or street cart vendor. You can find great meals at both of these.

Visit Accra Fish Street Food

The coastal position of Accra plays a huge role in shaping the food scene of Accra. Seafood is very popular here. In general, you can expect any seafood you find around the city to be very fresh, possibly caught that same day. Restaurants serve great seafood or you can visit one of the many fish markets around the city.

The most internationally known food from Ghana is called Jollof rice. You will find this dish everywhere in Accra. Jollof Rice is made different is each African country that specializes in it so it’s worth trying while here. It’s a rice dish that is made with a special sauce for a unique flavor. It’s common to have this as a side dish to a meal or even enjoyed on its own.

One snack to make sure you try while in Accra is called Kelewele. Just like Jollof rice, this snack can be found in most places. It’s also used as a side dish for many restaurants. It’s a plantain based dish with flavorful seasoning for an extra kick.

Street vendors can be found all around Accra. These are great places to enjoy a quick meal on the go. If you only have one day in Accra, street carts become very convenient to give you more time to explore. Street food in Accra includes many tasty dishes. Waakye is a Ghanian dish of rice and beans usually served with a side of meal. Banku is also a common dish consisting of corn and cassava dough. This is often served with Tilapia.

Things to Do in Accra

Sightseeing gives you a chance to see many of the landmarks and iconic area of Accra. After you’ve refilled your energy during lunch, it’ll be a good time to get active, or even relax.

Many people in Accra, both locals and visitors, enjoy going to the beach. The most popular beach in Accra is the Labadi Pleasure beach. It’s a very scenic beach which makes it a place of high demand for hotels and resorts. You can spend time lounging on the beach or watching a live performance held frequently at the beach. You can see different performers here such as traditional music being played and local dances.

Accra is a very modern city so there are definitely a lot of places for shopping. There are large shopping centers around the entire city that have both internationally recognized shops or even small local boutiques. Accra’s local markets are a great place to buy souvenirs as you will find lots of handicrafts and other locally-made goods.

Visit Accra Accra Sports Stadium

You may be able to catch a local game depending on when you visit Accra. Football is the most popular sport in Ghana. Accra Sports Stadium is home to the most famous team in the country. Matches for their home team or others are always being held here so there’s a good chance one will be happening while you’re visiting.

There are many places to visit around Accra to learn a bit more of the history of Ghana. The National Museum of Ghana is the largest and oldest museum in the country. This museum hosts several exhibitions to reveal a lot of context about the country. There are many archeological artifacts, fine art, as well as historical documentation on early Ghanaian civilizations.

Nightlife in Accra

As the sun begins to set on your day in Accra, it might not be time to call it a day just yet. Accra actually has a very exciting nightlife scene for those lucky enough to experience it.

Accra is known for its nightclubs. Many of these clubs are located nearby Nkrumah Circle. You can find anything from casual clubs to dressier clubs with VIP treatment. Bars are common around all of Accra. These venues play a variety of music from local music, hip hop, jazz, Latin, etc. There’s a bar or club for everyone to have fun.

There are several casinos located around Accra. You can find stand alone casinos such as La Palm Casino, or stop by any of the casinos located in some resorts. Labadi Pleasure Beach is a popular area for nightlife and often times the parties even stretch out onto the beach.

You can also find other forms of entertainment in Accra. The National Theatre of Ghana is located here. Its architecture is just as impressive as the performances that take place here. You can be entertained by a variety of shows. This includes dance showcases, symphony concerts, and also theatre plays. There is a mix of national and international talent that comes here.

Accra is one of the best places to visit in Ghana. It’s famous for a lot of things in this region of Africa which is why it continues to draw tourists. There are many attractions to discover. A day in Accra is plenty of time to see many of the sites. If you only have 24 hours, it may be best to plan ahead what you want to do. It’s a big city to explore and you’ll want to make sure you have time to accomplish everything you came to do.

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