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Hard-hitting Advice With Patricia Bright

The Nigerian-born and UK-educated Patricia Bright started out advising her employer’s clients on their business analysis capability, so her success as a top YouTube influencer in beauty and fashion was not something she expected. The personal and professional demands placed on her by her early jobs turned out to work well to her advantage now that she’s managing her own business and keeping her YouTube channel, which has 2.1 million followers and 180 million views, as popular as ever.

Patricia offers hard-hitting advice on what clothes and make up to wear, sprinkling her make up and lookbook tutorials with a can-do attitude that everyone can look good and confident without spending a lot. Her eponymous channel, launched in February 2009, contains uploads of various formats ranging from clothing and cosmetic products reviews to “I spent xxx dollars on xxx name brand” series to “haul” videos where she shows items – brand name, high street or dupe – she has collected over the past season.

Her “Wearing Instagram clothing in real life” upload, where she spends her own money to buy and wear clothing as seen on Instagram, is both enlightening and humorous as she reviews the style, color and fit, and laughs at the misses.

Patricia’s daughter, mother and sister are increasingly making appearances on her YouTube channel where she also randomly talks about life – her interracial marriage, travels, moving into a new house, getting a new office for her growing business, and intially to the surprise of her followers, cosmetic work and plastic surgery.