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Shirley Eniang Showcases Stay-in-Place Makeup

Shirley B. Eniang is a London-based Ghanaian-Nigerian who started her YouTube career sharing hairstyle how-tos and celebrity-inspired makeup tutorials, then gradually branched out into creating DIY, OOTD (outfit of the day), haul, lookbook and tag videos. Her DIY tutorials not only feature fashion pieces (like how to make a necklace or wear a scarf different ways) but also homestyling tips for an uncluttered Zen space.

Every now and then she invites guests (more often her sister Kezia who now has her own YouTube channel), and with the introduction of Snapchat, does Q&A sessions to talk about a variety of topics like bullying, mental health, self-confidence, diet and fitness, detoxing, friendships and relationships, and in her case, being single. Occasionally, she also puts out ‘spend the day with me’ clips and travel diaries.

Over the years, Shirley has become more confident with her personal style, experimenting outside of her comfort zone of neutral palettes and block colors, and venturing out of her usual hairstyle and make-up videos to feature lingerie/swimwear/sleepwear and her recent favorite, footwear.

Shirley joined YouTube in December 2008, and has since been followed by more than 750,000 subscribers. Her channel has been viewed more than 53 million times.