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African Dresses Styles & Fashion For The Modern Woman

This season African designers are coming up with more modern African dress designs that are thrilling to the senses. Gone are the days when African dresses were reserved for just church services on Sundays.  Thanks to enthusiastic fashion designers who push African fashion to global frontiers, people wear African designs to work, parties, even the red carpet, runways and fashion shows!

This article is a collection of African dresses, styles and fashion for the modern woman. In this article, we shall discuss beautiful and modern African dresses trending this season.

ankara shorts style 2 1

Ankara Shorts

Ankara shorts are chic and very feminine. And don’t forget versatile too! Ankara shorts paired with a camisole, plain coloured blazer and block heels is the perfect combination for a birthday or red carpet event.  Or you could wear ankara shorts with a white tee, sandals and chunky jewellery for a laid back look for beach parties and sight seeing. Whatever style you choose, ankara shorts is a must have style for the modern woman.

Ankara jumpsuit

Ankara Jumpsuit

The Ankara jumpsuit is a modern African fashion wear for the season. Something about an ankara jumpsuit screams style and modern African women can seem to get enough of this. Jumpsuits are semi formal dresses worn to church services, weddings, events, work and even to the red carpet. Just be sure to flaunt this dress with the perfect accessories and shoes that suit the occasion.

Ankara offshoulder

Off Shoulder Dress

The off shoulder dress is feminine and sensual. African designers are incorporating this design into dresses, jumpsuits and tops. A common example is the off shoulder midi dress commonly made with ankara, kente or dashiki material. This dress is an informal dress for birthday events, beach parties and outings with families and friends. The off shoulder dress provides a great opportunity to display the latest neck accessory available.

Statement Sleeves

Statement sleeves are eye catching and attention seeking fashion pieces. And luckily for us, there are so many designs available. From bell sleeves to flutter sleeves to balloon sleeves and of course cold shoulder sleeves, the list is endless. Statement sleeves also include sleeves with elaborate frills, ruffles, and puffs. African designers are blending statement sleeves into dresses, tops, jumpsuits and even jackets.

Ankara Palazzo

Ankara palazzos are not only modern but also comfortable. Unlike tight and fitted pants, palazzos are wide, flowing and of course eye catching. These days palazzos are made with ankara chiffon fabric  and even the traditional ankara wax print. The result is amazing. Ankara palazzos are worn with fitted polo tops, white tees, spaghetti tops, tank tops and jackets.

ankara maxi skirt

Ankara Maxi Skirts

Ankara maxi skirts will never go out of style and are sure to stick around for a while. Ankara maxi skirts are the perfect informal dress for birthdays and beach parties. To create the perfect look, pair ankara maxi skirts with a crop or fitted top, some chunky jewellery and wedge sandals or flat sandals.

Ankara jackets women

Ankara Jackets

Ankara jackets are an all time favorite. These jackets come in different styles as short jackets, long jackets, bomber jackets and peplum jackets. Ankara Jackets are versatile semi formal wears that can be worn to just about anytime of outing, whether formal, informal or semi formal.

Ankara scarves

Ankara Scarves

Ankara scarves are trending this season. As more African women embrace the beauty of natural kinky hair, ankara scarves are no more used as just fashion accessories but also to protect natural hair from excessive sun and wind exposure.  And don’t forget they are very stylish too. Ankara scarves come in just about any style, color or pattern you can think of, and of course there are different knitting and styling techniques to keep a modern woman trendy and fashionable.

Ankara mermaid dress

Ankara Mermaid Dress

Ankara mermaid dress is a popular style for weddings and aso ebis. Mermaid dresses are figure flattering, eye catching and very feminine. Apart from wedding parties, ankara mermaid dresses are popularly used for red carpet events and proms. There are different styles of mermaid dresses available just be sure to stay up to date with the latest one.

Senator Wear

Senator Wear is typically a masculine attire. While Senator Wear looks conservative on a man, Senator Wear is fashionable and eye catching on a woman. Senator Wear is a stylish, androgynous outfit for the modern woman. Fortunately for us, there are different colors, styles and designs available. Pair this attire with stilettos.

So what do you think about our collection of African dresses styles and fashion for the modern women? Aren’t they beautiful? We would love to hear your suggestions in the comment section below.