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African Cosmetic Brands Game - Changing the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is a multi billion-dollar industry with a huge potential for more growth and higher revenue. Once upon a time the beauty industry was dominated by mostly American and European producers who served majority of people, including blacks and Africans.

However, in recent times, people have called attention to the inability of these companies to satisfy the perceived need of black people, in terms of availability, affordability and skin tone inclusivity in make up and cosmetics brands.

A handful of African entrepreneurs have bravely rose up to meet these needs by creating self existing African cosmetic brands that not only try to satisfy the demand but game change the beauty industry by producing skin care solutions with minimal or no artificial ingredients and chemicals.

Here is a list of some of these African cosmetic brands game-changing the beauty industry.

African cosmetic brands

House of Tara

In 1998, Tara Fela-Durotaye started her cosmetics company in her living room. Twenty years later, Tara has succeeded in making House of Tara one of Africa’s leading cosmetics brands.

House of Tara currently solves the unique challenges of African women through its Tara Orekelewa Beauty Range, H.I.P Beauty Range, Inspired Perfume, House of Tara makeup school and beauty studio.

With over 3000 outlets over Africa, Tara Fela-Durotaye is one step closer to fulfilling her dream of turning her makeup brand into one of Africa’s top cosmetic exporters.

African cosmetics


This number one leading spa brand in South Africa is created by Renchia Droganis, a massage therapist and aromatherapist. Africology has an impressive range of organic, fair trade and ethically formulated skin care and spa products.

These products are locally sourced from African countries particularly South Africa and used as natural beauty ingredients for skin serums, toners, cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliators and masques.

African cosmetic brands suzy

Suzie Beauty

In 2009, Suzie Wokabi started her cosmetics brands to solve the problem in the cosmetic retail market in Kenya. Back then quality makeup brands were expensive. The affordable ones available were made with poor and low quality ingredients.

Since its inception, Suzie Beauty has expanded its makeup range to include both makeup and skin care beauty solutions that are high quality, authentic, affordable and suited for African women. Suzie Beauty makes use of locally sourced natural beauty ingredients like avocado, aloe vera, coconut oil and honey as key ingredients.

African cosmetic brands oriki


Over two years old, Nigerian CEO Joycee Awojoodu created Oriki, a range of spa and men grooming products to bridge the gap for African men looking for natural products and solutions to their skin problems.

With over 32 products, Oríkì prides itself as the first Nigerian luxury cosmetic brand with a comprehensive line. Products include body scrubs, massages, facial scrubs, all kinds of facials, body wraps and others.

African cosmetics african botanics

African Botanics

African Botanics was founded in 2012 by South Africans Craig and Julia Noik. African Botanics was founded to harness the properties of indigenous plants in creating a collection of eco luxury skin care products free from artificial ingredients and fillers.

Unlike most skincare products on the market, African Botanics contain antioxidants, collagen boosters, botanical stem cells, vitamins, anti-inflammatory omegas, minerals and marine biotechnology. African Botanics efficiently harnesses the benefits of the native Marula fruit by using marula oil in most skin care products.

African cosmetics ilera

Ilera Apothecary

Ilera Apothecary is a luxury bath and body brand created by two Nigerian sisters Nneji and Chinonye Akunne in the diaspora. Ilera is focused on creating organic and personal skin care products with as little artificial ingredients possible.

Their range of skin products includes solutions for men, women and children. Ilera is located in Detroit Michigan and the United Kingdom.

African cosmetic brands ajali

Ajali Handmade Naturals

Created by Nigerian Ifeyinwa Ojekwe, Ajali Handmade Naturals is a luxury skin brand made with organic, locally sourced and fair traded butters, waxes, oils, herbs and clays.

Their range includes face wash, creams, moisturizers, exfoliants, face masks, face and body scrubs, and a men grooming line.

African cosmetics brands jacque mgido

Jacque Mgido

Jacque Mgido is a cosmetic brand located in Zimbabwe. The creator, Jacque Mgido created the brand as a solution for African women who had limited makeup options that suited their skin colour, location and price range.

As a makeup artist, Jacque went into makeup formulation and came up with a range of make up and beauty products for women struggling with the limited inclusivity of foreign beauty industries.

Her makeup brand is a hypoallergenic, allergy tested and non-comedogenic brand that offers liquid foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadow, loose powder, mascara, lip gloss, lipstick and brushes.

We recognize the efforts of these self existing African cosmetic brands game-changing the beauty industry. We wish them well as they continue to bridge the gap and meet the unique needs of Africans locally and in the diaspora.