Must Know Beauty Secrets for Black Women

Black is beautiful. Healthy black skin is soft and has a radiant glow. Over the years, black women have specifically created beauty secrets for black women.

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Porosity Over Pattern: A Journey in Growing Natural Hair

Hair CraQ is creating its own place at the African hair table and the creator, Jen, is making it all happen. Check out Hair CraQ and why you need it?

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The Beautiful Benefits of African Black Soap

Ever wondered what the fuss is about African black soap? Why is the soap so black? What makes African black soap so special?

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Lupita Nyong’o Embraces Her Natural Hair Despite Being ‘Shunned’

The international star speaks out about the entertainment industry's treatment of kinky, natural hair, and wants all to know they're beautiful as they are.

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Shirley Eniang

Shirley Eniang Showcases Stay-in-Place Makeup

Shirley B. Eniang is a London-based Ghanaian-Nigerian who started her YouTube career sharing hairstyle how-tos and…

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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Smiling

There’s great power in a smile; it can significantly improve your health. Check out what benefits smiling has on your…

Patricia Bright

Hard-hitting Advice With Patricia Bright

The Nigerian-born and UK-educated Patricia Bright started out advising her employer’s clients on their business…

Jenni Jenkins

You’ve Got to Check Out Beauty by Jennie Jenkins

If you want to look high-end but don’t want to pay the corresponding price tag, Jennie Jenkins is probably your best…

Jackie Aina

Make-up Tutorials with Jackie Aina

If Wendy Williams were to do make-up tutorials, Jackie Aina is what you get. Hilariously sassy and unapologetically…

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