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6 Incredible Africans to Follow on Social Media

Many people of African descent are making major impacts in their respective industries and the world as a whole. They have garnered worldwide attention for a good reason. It’s no wonder that many people are becoming fans and followers based on their work and contributions. From Elon Musk to Nunu Ntshingila, there are several top Africans to follow on social media. Check out our list below!


Akon is a music artist of African descent known for his chart-topping hits. Ever since his major break, he has become one of the most famous singers around the world. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri. After his massive success in the music industry, he continues to expand his empire with entrepreneurial ventures as well as philanthropy. His full name is Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam. Akon spent most of his childhood in Senegal, his natural heritage. Although he hasn’t released much new music lately, he is still recognized as a global icon. Wizkid continues to produce some of the top talents in the industry as well as perform. He has also helped contribute a lot to the entire continent of Africa. His latest project, Akon Lights Africa, has helped provide electricity to a growing number of locations in Africa. Akon is a great person to follow to stay updated on his latest contributions to Africa, the music industry, and more.

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah is an Egyptian footballer and famous for his performance in many football matches. His real name is Mohamed Salah Ghaly, and he is available on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where you can keep track of his growing career. He has been awarded the coveted Premier League Golden Boot and many other awards and recognition. There are millions of African fans of him as he represents a positive figure in accomplishing your dreams. He is now included in lists of top-paid footballers. His skills on the field have made significant impacts in the world of football.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the Founder, and CEO of Tesla Motors, is taking the world by storms with his ability to innovate and move society forward. Elon has always made powerful impacts and worth keeping an eye on. He is the creator of popular payment platform Paypal as well as SpaceX, and much more. Technology is his strong suit and has become an influential figure in the industry. Many people don’t know, however, that he is originally from Pretoria, South Africa. He is an angel investor and with a lot of contributions to the tech world. He is very famous amongst people who love to research and discover new ideas that help make this world a more connected place. He has been very instrumental in advancing our way of living. Elon is worth following to stay ahead on technology news and his many company updates.


Wizkid is becoming a household name, first creating a presence in the Nigerian music scene but has since garnered international attention for his talent. He was born in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. He’s known as one of the top Nigerian singers. Wizkid has had plenty of time to develop his craft as he’s been making music since a very young age. Fast forward to today, and he is making a difference in the music industry in Africa. Wizkid has received several accolades and awards for his work. He has been the recipient of an MTV Europe Music Award for Best African Act and many others. His popularity has landed him sponsorships from major international corporations, helping to catapult his success. Wizkid has a bright future in the music industry and worthwhile to follow on social media.[/vc_column_text]

Khadija Patel

Khadija Patel is an Editor-in-Chief at Mail & Guardian. Her role in the media makes her a very influential person. In her media career, she was also an executive editor and co-founder of The Daily Vox, a major website for South Africa covering news updates and information. She also has experience as a research associate at WitsWiser and deputy chairperson at GlobalFreeMedia. With so many connections in the African media industry, she is known for always having details about current events. Following Khadija on social media for updates is worthwhile. She not only shares updates from publications she’s involved with but significant news in general happening around the world.

Nunu Ntshingila

Nunu Ntshingila is a name who needs no introduction and is famous all around the continent of Africa. She is the head of Facebook Africa, the world’s number one social media platform. Her social feeds provide lots of valuable information about Facebook and the latest social media updates. She’s highly recommended to follow if you want to maintain a pulse on social media trends. She’s an authority when it comes to news and updates in this industry. Facebook is continuing to grow in Africa thanks to Nunu. She frequently shares with her followers’ news and developments in technology-related business. You’ll know firsthand what’s to come when you follow her on her social media platforms.