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Most Popular Shows and Movies on Demand Africa During COVID-19

It’s quarantined times like these that we sure are glad to be able to offer a streaming service like Demand Africa to help people connect with the world abroad.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve found that many people are watching more of our programming.  We’ve gathered the most popular shows and movies on Demand Africa during COVID-19.

We feel and know the need many have to connect back to our homeland. Featuring authentic African voices, Demand Africa celebrates contemporary Africa’s influence on the world. We’ve built a home where African TV series, movies, and documentaries are mainstream anywhere you go.

Broken Vows

Two young women juggle a successful wedding planning company with keeping the deep, dark secrets of their lives under wraps. The Moswane family matriarch has high expectations for these two to be the best wedding planners in Johannesburg.

Watch Broken Vows now!

iNumber Number

This action-packed local crime series features two cops, Shoes and Chilli. One infiltrates an infamous crime family while the other is being coerced into withholding evidence. When their two cases collide, their bond of brotherhood is put to the test.

Watch iNumber Number now!

Before 30

Four twenty-something Nigerian girlfriends struggle to balance their dreams and ambitions with traditional/societal pressures, including the one to get married before age 30.

Watch Before 30 now!


Hustle is a drama series set in the volatile music industry, showing just how far some people will go to reach Number 1.

Watch Hustle now!

Flower Girl

Kemi (DAMILOLA ADEGBITE) wants to get married. Umar (CHRIS ATTOH) wants to get ahead in his career. When their relationship hits troubled waters, Kemi seeks the help of a movie superstar and they hatch a plan to get Kemi what she wants.

Watch Flower Girl now!

V Republic

Four beautiful women, a senseless murder, a viral sex tape, and delicious drama that is definitely “Not Safe for Work.” Welcome to V Republic! Live vicariously through Mansa, Laura, Tilly and Gina, whose search for love transcends their wildest dreams!

Watch V Republic now!

Jacob’s Cross

Jacob’s Cross is a riveting drama series about powerful oil magnates battling for Africa’s rich off-shore oil resources. The series focuses on businessman Jacob Makhubu Abayomi and his quest to build the next great African empire.

Watch Jacob’s Cross now!


The Bhadmus family’s love is put to the test when an unfortunate tragedy leads to shocking secrets being exposed and power struggles within their ranks. From infidelity to crooked business deals and constant media scrutiny, the drama never stops!

Watch Battleground now!

Adams Apples

Adams Apples follows the four Adams women; the widowed, Ex-diplomat’s wife and her three 30-something-year-old daughters. These four women work through family struggles, life, and personal battles to achieve happiness and success in their lives.

Watch Adams Apples now!

The Wild

The Wild is a soap opera that features a five-star game lodge. Here three families struggle to co-exist as locals, staff and guests indulge in fine dining, expensive champagne, game drives and unbelievable drama.

Watch The Wild now!

When Love Happens

An event planner feels the clock is ticking against her chances of ever getting married. When a friend gets engaged she is tasked to handle the wedding. In desperation she starts online dating and after many dates, she may finally discover love.

Watch When Love Happens now!

What is Demand Africa?

Demand Africa offers 24-7 access to the largest curated collection of Pan-African TV shows, series, soaps, movies and lifestyle entertainment direct from the continent. Demand Africa goes to Nollywood and beyond to offer a deeper connection to the continent.

Explore the culture, people, places, and traditions of Africa and stream with IMPACT. Now with over 1,000 hours, new content added monthly. 60% of your monthly subscription goes to the featured creators and distributors on Demand Africa.

Not a Sub-category, The Principal Focus

Demand Africa’s mission, like our principal cable offering The Africa Channel, is to demystify modern Africa and its people for our viewers. Africa is home, not a sub-category or initiative.

In today’s media, economic and global environments we feel this goal is even more critical because Africa is on the rise with a global influence spread far and wide. Demand Africa is a digital extension of our mission and serves as a destination throughout the world, connecting to the continent and introducing new voices reflective of Africa’s rich and diverse culture.

Our intent is to not only create the go-to destination for all things Africa but to showcase the diverse, modern, and upwardly mobile Africa, steer the global conversation and perception of the continent in the U.S. and the world.

What’s on Demand Africa?

The subscription streaming video on-demand (SVOD) service hosts hundreds of hours of original and acquired lifestyle content, scripted TV series, and movies. In addition to premium HD programming, Demand Africa features free access to online short-form videos, thousands of African and Caribbean inspired recipes, travel and lifestyle blogs and more, highlighting content across the African diaspora.

Where is Demand Africa Available?

Demand Africa is accessible worldwide and everywhere the following platforms are available: the web, iOS, Android, and via Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

Select titles may not be available in your area due to licensing restrictions. User experience may vary depending on your internet connection. All promo codes need to be redeemed through unless they are platform-specific.