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Paula Madison From Finding Samuel Lowe on CCTV 4

Paula Williams Madison is an award-winning journalist, writer, Chairman and CEO of Madison Media Management LLC, former Vice President for Diversity at NBCUniversal, and Executive Producer of the documentary, Finding Samuel Lowe: From Harlem to China.  The film documents her life long desire to find her maternal grandfather, Samuel Lowe and the incredible journey she and her brothers embark upon to do just that.

Her story of Finding Samuel Lowe is ongoing.  It’s a story she embraces fully after finally finding familial love among her ancestral descendants and celebrating those from the past and those she continues to discover.

In this CCTV 4 interview, Paula and her cousin Minjun Luo, discuss their family story and how it continues today.


This film is about the tenacity of one daughter and a promise she made to her mother, a promise to find her maternal grandfather.

Paula Williams Madison and her brothers Elrick and Howard Williams came from humble beginnings, have achieved considerable wealth and success, and above all, share a determination to find their long-lost grandfather’s family.  The siblings set out to find Samuel Lowe, the father of their Jamaican Chinese mother. Taking family tree research to an epic proportion, the siblings uncover clues about their long-lost grandfather.  The clues lead them to two Chinese cities, ShenZhen and GuangZhou.  There they visit their family’s ancestral village and discover a lineage that dates back more than three-thousand years.  These findings and the events that follow, change their lives forever.

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