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25 African Inspired Chicken Dishes

If you say that the chicken has come home to Africa to roost, then you won’t be wrong! This is because chicken is the undisputed, ubiquitous food on the continent since its introduction into Egypt around the period 2,500 BC. Chicken continues to inspire dishes in Africa, and indeed the world because of its many desirable attributes. With a unique taste and uniform texture, the creature presents a veritable foundation for a good number of African dishes/meals.

So if you are puzzled by the question of why the chicken crossed the road, to get into the steaming pots of many African homes, then the following African dishes may just provide the answers you seek:

Chicken Stew (Nigeria)

Chicken forms the central attraction in this famous brew, although other ingredients like garlic, onion, and thyme among others, give the stew a distinct taste on several levels. Chicken stew goes great with accompaniments like coconut rice.

Piri Piri Chicken (Mozambique)


If you ever step foot in Mozambique, do not miss eating this signature meal. Chicken in the Piri comes with a blend of African, Portuguese, oriental and Arab flavors. Think of hot spices as well as creamy, coconut sauce, with hints of cashews and groundnuts. It can be eaten alone or taken with matapa, a local dish made from cassava leaves cooked in peanut sauce.

Chicken Muamba (Angola)

This is a spicy, oily brew consisting of palm oil or palm butter, garlic, chilis, and okra. The chicken itself is marinated with spices, which gives it a unique and electrifying taste. Savour Chicken Muamba with traditional African starchy porridges such as funge, fufu, and igali.

Ofe Nsala (Eastern Nigeria)

One of the power blocs on the continent, Nigeria boasts of a rich repertoire of fine meals. One of them is the tasty Ofe Nsala. This brew combines spices such as Cameroonian pepper, fish pieces, oil from fresh ground nuts among other ingredients. While any steak can be used, chicken gives the soup a unique taste. Enjoy Ofe Nsala with starchy porridges like pounded yam, garri, and fufu.

Tajine (Morocco)

Tajine is a traditional Berber dish enjoyed across North Africa and in parts of Mali.  Taking its name from the earthen pot which cooks it, Tajine is a slow-cooked stew with a delectable blend of flavors. The constituent ingredients include lamb, beef, fish, vegetables, spices and dried fruit. Generous amounts of cut chicken parts round up the mesh of tastes you will definitely relish. Tajine goes well with bread and couscous.

Couscous Royale (Tunisia)

Couscous is a staple dish, eaten across the vast expanses of North Africa. It consists of steamed semolina. If you want this meal taken up a notch, request for Couscous Royale, with cuttings of lamb and wait for it—delicious chicken. Saffron is also added to give you a memorable eating experience.

B’stilla (Morocco)

This exquisite meal also referred to as pastilla, is a staple in Morocco. The aromas that will thrill your senses as the meal cooks come from a blend of pigeon meat, onions and spices like saffron and coriander, with almonds and beaten eggs rounding up the ingredients. Chicken is also a welcome addition to the B’stilla, as you won’t miss the distinct flavor of this ubiquitous creature in the pie.

African Pepper Soup (Ghana)

Chicken Pepper Soup Nigeria

If you do find yourself in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroun or some other place in West Africa, be bold to ask for the dish called African Pepper Soup. While each of these countries may present variations based on local cooking methods and available spices, one thing is sure: this intensely flavored soup will delight your taste buds to no end. Packed full of spices, herbs, and other condiments, the one thing that glues them together is the chicken. Soft and tender, you will find that the chicken contributes a unique flavor that will keep you coming back for more.

African Spinach Stew with Chicken and shrimp (Mozambique)

If you a natural food enthusiast, then the African Spinach Stew should sit high on your list of sizzling meals. This spinach stew is made by sautéing onions then adding tomatoes and finally some chopped spinach. Of course, trust the chicken to bring the excitement to your taste buds.

Baked Garlic Paprika Chicken Legs (South Africa)

Looking for a meal that looks as good as it tastes? Look no further than Baked Garlic Paprika Chicken legs. You will feast your eyes as well as your mouth as you devour the tender legs along with accompaniments such as aromatic yellow rice and blanched vegetables. An experience of a lifetime you must know!

Doro Wat (Ethiopian Chicken Stew)

Doro Wat Ethiopian

What else can you can you ask for other than a meal that slowly simmers in a rich blend of robust spices, including caramelized onions? What tantalizes your taste bud is a thick, comforting and delicious chicken broth that will forever leave you hooked on the Ethiopian way of life.

Moroccan Slow-Cooker Chicken Thighs

Just as the name implies, you have to eat this signature Moroccan meal with deliberate slowness. That way, you are guaranteed to thoroughly enjoy the electrifying flavors of chickpeas, olives and herb couscous.

Chicken Wings Shawarma (Angola)

This crispy, baked goodness will leave you not only devouring the tenderness of flavor-rich chicken wings, you might also lick your fingers and suck on every morsel. But you will require a little patience, as the chicken is marinated overnight, in the fridge, so you can enjoy the rich assortment of flavors and spices.

Chicken Plantains and Vegetables (Cameroon)

What else can you add to a sizzling plate of fried plantain and tasty vegetables in herb sauce brimming with different spices? Your guess is as good as mine…chicken of course. This Cameroonian delight comes in either skin-on, bone-in whole chicken cut into pieces or if you prefer, the boneless variety. Either way, you are guaranteed a truly satisfying meal.

African Fried Chicken and Plantain Fries (Nigeria)

Nigerian Food plate

Looking for a nice dessert that sets you in the right mood? Look no further than the crispy fried African chicken with fried plantain. The trick is to ensure that the chicken is crispy on the outside but soft and tender on the inside. Remember to add copious amounts of spices to bring excitement to the dish.

Braai Drumsticks (South Africa)

When next you are in the Rainbow nation, do not let this bare-chicken meal pass you by. Why would you allow a riveting assortment of flavors comprising apricot jam, ginger, garam masala, freshly grinded pepper, white wine vinegar and ginger root escape your taste buds? After eating this meal, your tummy is sure to play drumsticks in appreciation for the treat.

Roast Chicken (South Africa)

You have not tasted premium roast chicken until you encounter the variety available in South Africa. Unique culinary mastery ensures that the chicken absorbs and retains the mix of exciting spices and condiments such as grinded ginger, honey, black pepper and other seasonings as the meal cooks slow and steady over a burner or grill.

Chicken Soup (South Africa)

This lively and exciting broth comes to you from the Rainbow nation. Brimming with spices such as garlic, ginger root, onions among others, the taste of the chicken brings all these flavors to a tasty crescendo. Serves well with bread and other starchy solids.

Creamy Avocado Risotto with Balsamic Glazed Chicken Breast (South Africa)

Do not let the name give you a headache. Rather, anticipate all the goodness a meal can offer with an adroit mix of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and vegetables. The chicken features as boneless breasts that serve as the base for these flavors and more. Enjoy in the company of friends and family.

Chicken Salad (South Africa)

Are you looking for an authentic African breakfast, full of flavor and style? Turn to the very chic South African chicken salad. This complete meal features vegetables, bird chili as well as tasty chicken brisquets. Take along with a warm cup of tea or some vintage South African wine.

Chicken Kebabs (Egypt)

In Cairo and across Egypt, you can be entertained as you await your meal. Watch as dexterous chefs turn boneless chicken breasts into mouth-watering kebabs, complete and spiced with cardamom, black pepper as well as other ingredients that you should discover yourself.

Chicken Liver (Egypt)

Make your visit to the land of the Pyramids a fun-filled one by having a taste of Egyptian-styled chicken liver. You will have a swell time with this meal, garnished to perfection with spices and herbs including green pepper, garlic cloves, and lemon juice.

Grilled Chicken (Egypt)

Let your eyes and your taste buds take in the sight and smell of Egyptian-styled grilled chicken. Watch as the chicken breast fillets roll over smoldering grills, absorbing traditional spices and herbs, for your eating enjoyment.

Chicken Breema (Egypt)

Do not miss this delicious meal next time you are in Egypt. The boneless chicken thighs form a huge part of an assortment of other ingredients that will have you asking for more and more and more!

Lahma Bil Basal and Homemade Pita Bread (Egypt)

Expect to eat to the zenith of culinary bliss with this mouth-watering combination: home-made bread, broth, and chicken stock cubes. These main ingredients receive support from an assortment of condiments that leave a long-lasting feeling of satisfaction in your mouth.