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Featured Chef
Jabi Matsoso – Chef, Digital Professional, TV Host

Jabi Matsos

How Jabi Matsoso came to host witty and clever baking show, Di Ya Wela.

TV host Cheryl “Jabi” Matsoso was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. She was raised in rural Limpopo in the northern part of the country in a small township. She graduated high school and moved to Pretoria to pursue her studies in Construction Engineering with hopes of branching into Architectural studies.

She graduated college as a qualified draftsman in 2006 and moved to Johannesburg to live with her sister so she could be closer to work. This move changed her life forever and she started working in broadcasting as a TV co- host on the kiddie’s program Imagine That while doubling up as a Radio drama actress and voice artist on other programs.

After years of working in broadcasting and realizing her real passion was media, she made the bold decision to leave Television and go pursue media and communications studies in 2011.

Amongst her colleagues, Jabi is popular for her love for food and bringing baked goodies on production sets to share with everyone and while away on her study break; this kind gesture brought about an opportunity she could not resist. She was called to come in for a screen test to film a baking show. The producers were looking for someone who could bake and had a great story behind their passion for baking and she had a special story to tell.

Her mom jokes about how she would point at the oven while she would bake before she could even walk. Over the years she taught her many baking tricks that would one day start something special.

Unsurprisingly, she got the gig on the spot and went on to host Di Ya Wela.