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Featured Chef
Minjiba Cookey – Recipe Developer, Food Writer, Photographer

Minjiba Cookey

How Minjiba and her new show are changing the face of African cuisine.

Minjiba represents the new face of Africa. Born in Nigeria, she’s lived in Ghana, UK, and Canada. Her international upbringing, combined with her love of food, has turned her kitchen into a cultural melting pot.

For this chef, entertaining is a way of life, and sharing her love with other foodies is her passion. In each episode of Minjiba Entertains, she turns her kitchen into a celebration of cultural diversity by joining elements of African cooking with global cuisine. Trail blazing and breaking stereotypes, she is putting African food on the world culinary map.

Combining fresh, local ingredients, her final dishes are full of texture, color and exotic sophistication.

Learn as she shares tips for entertaining and adapts her menus to suit people’s entertaining needs, whether it be a black tie extravaganza, an engagement party, or a cozy dinner with friends.

At the conclusion of each show, Minjiba enters some of Africa’s most cosmopolitan homes to deliver her fusion feast. This is a journey into the modern lifestyles of Africa’s rich and famous. Successful design conscious foodies and celebrities attend each episode’s dinner Party allowing viewers a peek into the emerging world of the African elite.

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