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10 of the Best African Restaurants in Washington, DC

If you have been dying to try something new but are not sure exactly what or where, the Washington, DC area has tons of great Afro-centric restaurants to choose from. Today we will walk you through some of the best DC spots to try delicious meals featuring recipes that come from West Africa to Ethiopia.

Das Ethiopian is ideal for those who love Ethiopian Cuisine. The interior is bright and open for intimate dates or casual outings with friends. We suggest you try the Godn tibs, which are short ribs served with Awaze sauce. Das Ethiopian is an ideal place to visit if you are in the Georgetown area and want to treat yourself to to a high class dinner while shopping or visiting Historic Georgetown University.

Not only does Keren’s Restaurant feature a full Ethiopian menu but they also offer some Eritrean dishes which is rare in DC! The restaurant seeks to match the hospitality of Keren, Eritrea’s second largest city which is known for its friendliness. We recommend you try the Eritrean dish, Fuul, for breakfast which is served with tomatoes, peppers and egg. A fantastic lunch or dinner meal is the Keren Special that comes with Chicken Tsibi, lentil stews, cabbage, spinach, potatoes, and salad – all served with injera and capable of feeding three!

This lovely restaurant is a great dinner spot which serves Ethiopian food that keeps customers coming back for more! If you happen to be in the area (or make a special trip), give this place a visit and try their flavorful Awaze tibs which includes cubed prime beef sautéed in berbere sauce with onions, tomatoes, and peppers.

Another great place for Ethiopian dishes, Chercher restaurant has a delicious vegetarian special which comes with salad, chickpeas firfir, green beans, and injera on the side. Meat lovers love the Beef Tibs which are strips of beef cooked with jalapeno, garlic, and onions.

This restaurant is situated on the bustling U Street Corridor where there is a strong night-life culture. The ambience is well-lit, relaxed, and decorated to give it an authentic feel. Give yourself time to order because the line can get long but once you make it in make sure to try the Dukem Special Lamb Tibs which come in great portions and are seasoned just right. Even though this is a great spot to visit after a long night out, try to make it on time for their lunch buffet which has two sides, one that carries the vegetarian dishes and the other features the meat options for everyone to enjoy!

This is a great, local restaurant located in the center of D.C. that also specializes in Ethiopian food. Upon walking in, expect to be seated immediately by friendly staff and get ready to gaze at a menu full of wonderful options that range from Beef and Lamb Tibs to various vegetarian combos. Even meat lovers rejoice at the taste of the food that comes with the vegetarian meal. We recommend it because it includes spicy red lentils, yellow lentils, spinach, tomato salad, and savory potatoes, carrots, and cabbage alongside fresh injera bread!

If you’re in the mood for West African cuisine, the Bukom Café will not disappoint. The staff are the warmest, caring folks and their goal is to grant you the experience of a lifetime! Come by in the evening in time to witness a live reggae band perform classic hits and original material. The bar section offers a wide selection of drinks but we recommend the Bukom Bomb which is a sweet and sour mix of cranberry juice and Absolut Vodka among the many ingredients. On the dinner plate, we suggest you order Oxtail stew with Jollof Rice and plantains and also promise that the Egusi (slices of tender goat meat cooked in broth of ground melon seeds and spinach and palm oil) with Fufu, which is perfectly prepared, will not disappoint!

This Ethiopian restaurant boasts a sleek, modern feel which provides a great layout for the high quality dining experience you are bound to enjoy. A fan favorite of this restaurant are Injera Tacos which consists of injera bread as the tortilla, with spicy chicken stew as the meat along collard greens and cilantro on top. Before you leave you should taste the Etete Sangria which would be well complimented with lamb tibs and whole grilled fish. The neighborhood around this fine restaurant is on U Street and 9th which is a known to have a trendy night life scene.

Askala Café is the perfect dinner spot for a date. The pricing is affordable, the ambience is inviting, and everything on the menu tastes so delicious that it feels like it was made at home! If you are feeling indecisive about what to order, go for the Ethiopian vegetarian mix that comes with yellow peas, red pea lentils, collard greens, and cabbage all served with injera. The inside of Askale Café provides a nice, relaxed ambience which will go great with the authentic Ethiopian beer sold here!

This great Ethiopian restaurant is an ideal spot to visit for those who have never tried African food. The staff do an excellent job of presenting different samples of the sauces, non-alcoholic beverages, and the entrées so that the customers are not clueless when they order their meal! Try a sample plate of the meal that sounds most enticing but if you cannot make up your mind, we recommend you look into trying the Potato Leaves and Okra with fish. The food is authentic, flavorful, and with just the right amount of spice to keep you coming for more!

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