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Buna Ethiopian Restaurant & Market
1034 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 964-9731

Buna Ethiopian Restaurant and Market is an Award Winning, authentic spot in Los Angeles that brings it’s patrons back home to Ethiopia.

Los Angeles, the city of juicing, jogging and Kale. Healthy ingredients for the body but my belief is a healthy body can only be encouraged through the nourishment of the spirit. That’s where a place like Buna Ethiopian Restaurant and Market come into play.

Nestled in the heart of Little Ethiopia on a strip between several Ethiopian eateries and businesses, Buna appears as small neighborhood shop on the outside. Several men are always in conversation. Several sets of coffee tables and chairs flank the entrance. Among the patrons, you will often find owner Eyob Tadesse, engaging in the latest news and politics from the motherland of Ethiopia. It’s like you have to stop here. Once inside, you will be correct in those assumptions. Upon entering, you are treated to a mini-market of hard to find goods from Ethiopia: country flags, movies, music, jewelry, tea all adorn the walls and of course, there’s the national treasure – coffee.

“Buna serves as an intersection for community, politics and family. “

Eyob returns to cash out a few patrons and then proceeds to check the few patrons who enjoy Buna branded coffee, lentils or just each other’s company. Like any market, Buna serves as an intersection for community, politics and family. Eyob soon goes to the kitchen where his wife prepares the savory dishes, greeting her with subtle kiss on the cheek. Buna’s menu offers the no frills traditional Ethiopian fare consisting of Kik Aletcha, yellow split peas cooked with fresh garlic, onion and turmeríc sauce; Shiro Wot, seasoned chickpea flour blend cooked into a thick sauce; lamb and beef dishes such as Dullet or Kitifo; Desserts such as Tiramisu and Baklava round out the menu.

Buna is where the Ethiopian community comes for nourishment of the mind, body and soul. Do yourself a favor, stop by, because nowadays, wisdom and good conversation are often hard to find. Your spirit will thank you later.