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Bunna Café
1084 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237
(347) 295-2227

Bunna Café is Surprisingly Vegan, Unsurprisingly Popular

Bunna is an Ethiopian word that means coffee. In Ethiopia, coffee is eshi. Coffee is everything. It is the centerpiece of everyday life, and coffee brewing is an intricate process from raw bean to brewed beverage. Bunna Cafe will transport your senses to Ethiopia as you experience and taste the coffee from the traditional coffee ceremony.

Let’s start from the beginning. Order a cocktail like the Melkam Maracuja (fruit, sage, and rum) or Ethiopian Ice Road Trucker (sunflower milk and bourbon). Then be sure to wash your hands because, like all great Ethiopian food, you’ll be eating with your hands.

While this is going on, you’ll hear the live musicians play as you return to your table to Bunna’s rightfully reputable Ethiopian samplings piled onto large, round plates of injera (a crepe-like flatbread).

One of the most surprising things? It’s the kind of thing you don’t notice at first. Especially if you’re not looking for it. THERE’S NO MEAT OR DAIRY ON THE MENU! Their menu adds a creative, vegan twist to centuries-old recipes.

On top of their menu, Bunna taps into Ehiopia’s culture of sharing by often supporting community driven fundraisers and organizations that engage in the art of sharing for the betterment of those in need.