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Tsion Café
763 St Nicholas Ave, New York, NY 10031
(212) 234-2070

Tsion Café is a unique African and Middle Eastern restaurant in Harlem’s Sugar Hill in New York City.

Tsion Café is a unique restaurant in Harlem’s Sugar Hill in New York City boasting a broad mix of European, African, and Middle Eastern cuisine.  The menu, which was largely influenced by the adventurous heart of Beejhy Barhany.  Her world travels bring elements of Ethiopia cuisine together with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern elements to create a rich combination of spice and texture.

You’ll find a range of dishes from “Small Bites” to “Bigger Bites” from croissant sandwiches to full on Doro Wot (a traditional Ethiopian chicken stew) with Injira that’s made fresh on-site.

From her time traveling the world she has brought wines from the Mediterranean, South America, Japan, and all over Africa. However, the wine you’ll not want to miss is the Sheba Tej.  This is an Ethiopian honey wine, and the honey is locally sourced in New York and made by a traditional Ethiopian recipe.

Dining at Tsion may introduce a bit of culture alongside your dining experience.  You can regularly find an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony here and experience the celebration of Ethiopian culture thought this unique experience.