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African Fashion for Men: What's Trending this 2018

African fashion has lots of creative expressions for men fashion. This 2018, the styles are more unique and trendy than ever. African fashion for men is a stylish, brilliant mix of European cuts and African fabrics. From jackets to pants and shorts, to neck ties and cufflinks, the options are varied.

In no particular order, here is a list of African fashion for men and what’s trending this 2018.


Senator Wear

Senator Wear is a stylish wear that is popularly worn by the Igbos and Niger Deltans in West Africa and is a modern version of the traditional men attire made from Isi Agu (Tiger head) print design. Senator Wear is usually made with a plain “suit” material and embellished with embroidery and other designs. Senator Wear can either be long or short sleeved and is versatile enough to be worn with shoes, sandal or slides.



Agbada is a Yoruba word for robe. It is a wide flowing robe popular in West Africa, particularly in the Western part of Nigeria. Unlike the conservative Senator Wear, Agbada is elaborate and eye catching.

Agbada is a three-piece ensemble that consists of an ankle length trouser known as shokoto, a long sleeved shirt and a wide open sleeveless gown with elaborate embroidery. Agbada is commonly made with cotton fabric and synthetic materials that look like silk.

Modern versions of Agbada are more fitted, with short sleeved shirts and stylish embroidery and designs on the open stitched sleeveless gowns. Agbada is a statement piece for traditional weddings and ceremonies.

Ankara jacket


Jackets are the rave this season. Jackets made from African fabrics are part of the top African styles for men. Designers combine the elegance of European cuts and designs with vibrant African fabric like ankara, kente, massai shuka and dashiki. The result is stunning.

These afro jackets are worn with jeans, shorts, or even as part of a two-piece suite ensemble made with African fabrics. Jackets made with African fabrics are commonly worn to formal events like weddings, church services and red carpet events. Also, they are worn as casual wears with shorts and jeans for birthday parties, and outings with families and friends.

Ankara shorts

Ankara Shorts

A popular trend in African men fashion is wearing ankara shorts with shirts, polos or as part of a two-piece ensemble made with ankara.  Ankara shorts are very stylish, and versatile in use as formal, informal or semi formal clothing.  Ankara shorts are worn with loafers, sandals or slipper shoes, depending on the occasion.

Ankara pants e1532991722340

Ankara Pants

Ankara pants are statement pieces worn by men. African men pants are mostly made from ankara fabric but can also be made from other type of African fabrics. Ankara pants are usually paired with plain coloured shirts, polos or jackets. For a more daring look, Ankara pants can be worn as part of a two-piece ensemble made from African fabrics.



The dashiki is the perfect shirt for a casual laid back look. The dashiki originates from West Africa and is worn by both men and women alike.  The dashiki is a loose fitting shirt made from colourful cotton material.

These features make it a comfortable clothe for the hot humid weather in Africa. Also, the dashiki has a V shaped collar and embroidered neck and sleeve lines. As a casual wear, dashiki is worn with shorts, jean trousers and matching sandals, loafers or slipper shoes.

Ankara tie

Ankara Accessories for Men

These days, African men accessories are made from ankara fabric. For example, there is an explosive rise in the use of ankara neck ties to complement shirts and suits.

Apart from neck ties, ankara is also used to make bow ties, cufflinks, hats, shoes and bags for men. Apart from ankara, other African fabrics like kente, dashiki, kentege and massai shuka are also used to make trendy accessories for men.

Ankara suit

Ankara Suits

We can’t end this article without mentioning a top trend for 2018. The ankara suit.  The ankara suit is a daring colorful ensemble made by African fashion designers. Unlike European suits, the Ankara suits is eye catching because of the colors, shapes and unconventionality.

Ankara suit is usually worn by enthusiastic African fashionistas who are always eager to up their game in displaying African fashion.  Ankara suits are usually worn with plain shirts.

This is our ultimate list of the best of African fashion for men, and what’s trending for 2018. If your wardrobe doesn’t have all these styles, we encourage you to pick the styles listed and make a date with your tailor. Stay updated with the latest and best of African fashion and design.