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Bold and Dazzling Marian Kihogo

In 2009, bold and dazzling Marian Kihogo started her fashion website. Since then, Marian has gone ahead to build a niche as a celebrity stylist and creative consultant. Ghanaian by birth, Marian is known for her signature fluoro lipstick, bold prints, head scarves, tall impressive frame and rich dark skin.

Marian has given a strong voice to African fashion, using it as a source of inspiration for most of her wardrobe and that of her clients. She encourages her clients to mix and match bold African prints, chunky bracelets and head scarves and turbans.

In this video, Marian goes Christmas shopping, looking for the perfect shade of green dress for autumn. The video displays her signature look: chunky bracelets, ethnic necklace, head scarf, bold prints and of course her fluoro lipstick that can only be pulled off by Marian.

Marian talks about the beginning of her career as a stylist. She was fourteen at the time and styled the outfit for a friend’s dinner event. She also talks about her work as a celebrity stylist and how she has to be really interested in the lives of her clients so she can figure out their personalities and pick the right outfit for them.

She advises other stylists to see each client differently, be gracious to their clients and as much as they try to influence their clients’ wardrobe decision, they should do so with grace.