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Rob the Ranger Explores The Wonders of Wildlife With You

Rob the Ranger Wildlife Videos is what it says on the label. If you want to see Africa’s iconic Big Five in straight-out-of-camera action – like a male lion tearing a colossal buffalo into pieces type of action – this is the channel to watch. As Rob usually says in his no-nonsense greeting, “Hi, I’m Rob the Ranger, this is a wildlife channel, so let’s have a look at some wildlife.” So far, his wildlife footages have been viewed more than 192 million times, and his channel followed by 206,000 subscribers since he joined YouTube in March 2008.

But it’s not just all about a leopard killing and dining on a screaming warthog all the time. There is the occasional comic relief of watching a wild elephant using tissue paper to clean out its ear, or a buffalo going about its usual skin care routine (a.k.a. wallowing in the mud).

There is as much beauty as brutality in South Africa’s protected reserves, and Rob features these heart-warming moments to even things out. He has showcased young cheetahs roughhousing and getting close to the safari car, baby hyenas sunning themselves, lion cubs playing together, a newborn rhino taking tentative steps in the water, and a baby elephant playing in the mud. He has also documented inspiring stories of rebuilding lion prides in vulnerable areas.

Every now and then, Rob the Ranger shares good-to-know tips that viewers might find helpful in case they find themselves in one of the many game reserves or national parks in South Africa.