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Cee Cee's Closet NYC: A Celebration of West African Beauty

Cee Cee’s Closet NYC is more than just a fashion label. It is a project designed to celebrate and advertise the beauty and culture of West African print. Created by Chioma and Uchenna Ngwudo, these two sisters imagined the possibility of creating designs, accessories, all  handmade by local Nigerian artisans. It worked!

Thanks to their creativity, courage and skill these African designers in the diaspora make the spread and globalization of African fashion a possibility.

The boutique’s strategic location in New York makes it easy to advertise the boldness and richness of African print. It’s impossible to resist the vibes from this boutique as more and more people fall in love with the diverse collections of headwraps, clutches, bags, clothes and handbags skillfully made with African wax prints.

Featured Collections

At Cee Cee’s, diversity is celebrated. There are collections of headwraps, bandanas, shorties, clothes, bags and clutches that come in diverse designs, colours and textures. Thanks to the boldness of West African prints, a little accessory from this boutique may just be all you need for a lively and vibrant look.


Headwraps are not only fashionable but protective. They protect hairstyles from extreme heat, retain moisture all the while adding that extra colour to your look. The headwrap collection has lots of design to choose from; there is the Belle Headwrap, Feza Headwrap, Jessica Headwrap, Kanika Headwrap, Lola Headwrap, Nakisa Headwrap, Nessa Headwrap, and Tisha Headwrap.

We should also add that each headwrap comes in distinct and exclusive design, each with its own personality and vibe. For example the Kanika Headwrap is a blue and purple headwrap that is funky and electric, while the Nessa Headwrap is a red, white and gold headwrap that is cool and royal.

There are also silk lined headwraps that prevent hair breakage and split ends. Examples are the Ijeoma Silk Lined Headwrap, Lanre Silk Lined Headwrap and Belle Silk Lined Headwrap.


Clutches are an indispensable part of a lady’s wardrobe. They are chic, handy and very useful in not only holding necessities but in making a statement. Which is why Cee Cee’s came up with a collection of clutches that add personality to your look. These clutches cost from $20 and above.

They include; Bisi Clutch, Cowrie Mini Clutch, Fiona Mini Clutch, Keisha Clutch, Kojo Clutch, Margie Clutch, Ndidi Clutch, Orode Mini Clutch, Sade Clutch, Shayla Clutch, Sidi Clutch, Stunna Clutch, White Ebele Clutch and Twinkle Clutch. Like the headwraps each of these clutches are distinct and unique, emitting its own vibe.

Bandanas and Shorties

Cee Cee’s also has a rich collection of bandanas and shorties that complement any hair do, skin colour or outfit. The bandanas can also be substituted for stylish neck scarves. Examples include; Feza Bandana, Chulita Bandana, Danai Bandana, Sweetie Bandana.

These bandanas cost from $20 upwards. Some examples of shorties include; Belle Shortie, Feza Shortie, Chinyere Shortie, Maha Shortie, Xola Shortie and Danai Shortie. Some shorties are lined with silk and perfect for protecting your hair from breakage and split ends.


Cee Cee’s boutique boasts of a collection of clothes ranging from kimono jackets, crop tops, palazzoes, and of course the Black Girl Magic collection that includes; sweat shirt, tee, crop top and a summer tee. Clothes in this collection cost from $20 and above.

Greeting Cards

In Cee Cee’s, fashion is not only expressed through clothes and accessories but also greeting cards. This collection of blank greeting cards encourages people to express themselves the way they wish to, making them perfect for any occasion. These cards are rich in African design and features art from Tijay of Adinkra African Art.

Examples of the greeting cards include; 2 Lovers Greeting Card, 4 Women Greeting Card, Damba Beat Greeting Card, Down By The Riverside Greeting Card, Flute Greeting Card and Safura Greeting Card. These cards sell for about $7 and above.


Chokers are daring and bold, just like African fashion. A choker also emphasises the neck. Here is a list of Cee Cee’s trendy choker sets; Abal Choker, Abidemi Choker, Alero Choker, Besida Choker, Blue Abiala Choker, Chinyere Choker, Komla Choker, Mobo Choker and Pink Abiala Choker.

These chokers are crafted by local artisans in Nigeria, using West African prints and textile. The chokers sell for $8 each.

iPad Cases

Cee Cee’s collection of African print iPad Cases is just divine. These cases are handmade, stylish and quite durable. Example of cases found in the collection include; Amina iPad Case, Autumn iPad Case, Chioma iPad Case, Ebele iPad Case, Electric iPad Case,Greenleaf iPad Case and Jacqueline iPad Case.

Cee Cee’s Closet NYC is more than just a fashion label. It’s a celebration of beauty, art and culture. We love what the creators are doing and we wish them more and more inspiration. If you wish to have a thorough look at these exotic collections, click here!

Make some orders, share their collections with friends, follow them on Instagram, Facebook and join the movement!