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Nigerian Food and Lifestyle with Yemisi on SisiYemmiTV

Yemisi Aiyedun-Odusanya runs SisiYemmiTV on YouTube, a platform she launched in 2011 to share her love for West African food in general, and Nigerian food in particular.

It’s where she also documents her life as a wife, mom and blogger living in Lagos so you’ll also find content talking about Nigerian fashion and how to wear traditional clothes. Sisi also offers make-up tutorials (although she is not afraid to show her makeup-free face), and other tips on how to declutter the home, prepare baby food, increase single women’s self-awareness (so they don’t marry without giving it serious thought), and keep the relationship alive.

She takes her viewers around Nigeria and Africa for various social occasions (usually weddings and sometimes festivals) and business events, offering insights into Nigerian culture and mindset.

Since she launched her YouTube channel – she uploads videos twice or three times a week – Sisi Yemmie has amassed more than 110,000 followers, and her site has been viewed more than 12 million times. She is gaining wider recognition in Nigeria, having been featured in CNN Nigeria, and nominated as one of the Best Female YouTuber in Nigeria at the Eloy Awards.

Sisi’s upbeat trill as she welcomes viewers into each episode comically contrasts with her almost deadpan delivery of kitchen tutorials. But her unvarnished personality comes through when she talks about her marriage, motherhood, and living in Nigeria’s largest city, a trait that has endeared her to many viewers.