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Married Life with Jamie and Nikki Perkins

Nikki Thot and Jamie Perkins are the vlogging married (and very much in love) couple behind Jamie and Nikki, their YouTube channel that gives viewers a look into their everyday life in Melbourne.

Before they became full-time vloggers, Nikki worked as a model while Jamie was a wedding videographer/photographer and musician. Their YouTube channel was launched in 2006 under a different username (Reslim). In 2012, Jamie proposed to Nikki in Melbourne’s Federation Square. Their massive YouTube following of 1.375 million subscribers built off on that marriage proposal, but it’s their wedding in 2013 that has so far earned the couple the most number of views at close to 8 million.

To date, their YouTube channel has been viewed an incredible 196 million times, putting Nikki especially in a unique spot as one of the top YouTube vloggers from Africa. The couple posts videos three times a week, including plenty of adorable posts starring their toddler daughter.

Apart from sharing relationship advice and parenting tips (the couple is expecting their second child soon) as well as their travel adventures, Jamie and Nikki are occasionally doing product reviews, and offering tutorials on building a website and video editing. Otherwise, it’s more of a “a day in the life of” format for them with milestone videos uploaded every now and then.

On Nikki’s separate YouTube channel, she provides advice on beauty and fashion, and offers a glimpse into the world of modeling after getting back into it before her second pregnancy.