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3 Amazing Christmas Holiday Destinations

Many people see Christmas travel as the best. And sure, there are many advantages associated with taking a trip during the Yuletide. For families, a vacation presents the perfect opportunity to enjoy a break from daily routine and to cement family bonds.

Children find such trips illuminating, as they get exposed to new cultures and traditions, providing a type of learning not readily available in the classroom.

Christmas Travel Africa

In fact, if you do decide to hit the road or air, as the case may be, you will form a part of the statistics for International travel and tourism, with a valuation topping 60 billion USD.

Travel tips

With the euphoria that comes with another Yuletide, chances are high that you could get carried away and lose track of priorities. This applies to situations where you decide to embark on a trip for the Christmas, especially to a far-away place. It is important to make adequate preparations, do intensive background checks and ensure that all relevant documentation is in place prior to setting out on your journey.

The following steps can serve as guides for going on a holiday trip during the festive season:

Make reservations in advance

Do you want a hassle-free Yuletide vacation? Then it is best you book for accommodation, flight or road trip tickets, several weeks or months prior to Christmas.

There are many advantages to making early preparations. First off, you can get good discounts and bargains on the costs of flight tickets, hotel accommodation/lodging as well as other incidental holiday costs. Second, early bird bookings mean that you can avoid the hassles and stress associated with conducting transaction during the peak of the Christmas season. Not only will you face higher costs for goods and services, chances are you could also miss out due to demand outstripping supply.

Have all documentation at hand, with photocopies to boot

If you are visiting another country, ensure that you have all papers required for staying in that nation. Visas, health insurance as well as other documents should never be far from reach. A good idea involves keeping the originals in a safe and secure location and moving around with clear photocopies.

Plan for the young and the elderly

If you are embarking on a vacation at Christmas with kids and the aged in tow, make suitable arrangements for these dependents.

For children, ensure that selected lodgings are child-friendly, with systems and structures targeted at keeping your kids and wards safe during the Yuletide. It might warrant a pre-inspection visit if the location is not far away from home.

With senior citizens, you should be on the look-out for facilities and conveniences that cater to any emergencies associated with old age.

Have different spending sources

Keep abreast of the financial stipulations of your vacation location. A rule of thumb is keeping a mixture of money in cash, credit cards as well as online accounts. In this way, you are well placed to cater to any emergencies or contingencies that may arise during the course of your Christmas vacation.

Now that we have these tips at the tip of our fingers (pun intended), let’s take a look at some plush, international locations that will make your Yuletide trip worth your while:

Cape Verde

Cape verde

Did you think there isn’t a great holiday location here in Africa? Well, sit tight while I tell you some things about Cape Verde, and you may be tempted to rule all the above-listed locations out of your options.

Cape Verde has bone-white empty beaches, lush tropical vegetation and soaring volcanoes that have been kept a secret for as long as we can remember. Thanks to its colonial connection, it has been home to a few Portuguese holidaymakers, but with its unique touch of African, Portuguese and Brazilian cultures, Cape Verde has been attracting even more tourists.

Sal is famous for its 350 sunshine days, and it’s one of the most popular resort hubs in the country. You wouldn’t want to miss a visit to the beaches of Santa Maria. You get to climb stunning dunes on Boa Vista, you’ll even be able to dive to see marine turtles. In case that’s not enough, you might want to explore Sal Rei’s cobbled streets. Really, Cape Verde is one holiday location you just need to give a close look.



Wildlife is one of the focal points of Southern Africa, and Namibia is never left far behind. If you want a holiday with all the wildlife spotting activities, especially for your kids, then Namibia is a great choice. Namibia has lions, cheetahs, rhinos, and leopards. It has the second deepest canyon in the world, and it sports the world’s highest dunes.

East of the country houses a really large part of the Kalahari Desert while a game-rich area with a huge range of species seat on the northern part of the country.

You’ll get to enjoy the skeleton coast and a site of the Namib Desert on the western seaboard, while the Caprivi Strip, a 280-mile-long sliver seats on the south, leaving Angola and Zambia to the north, meaning you’ll even have easier access to the Zambezi River and the habitat of the Wild African Dog.

Well, a lot to enjoy on a holiday visit to Namibia.



This archipelago in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast, is a tourist haven. Comprising an intriguing mix of numerous fortresses, megalithic temples, and the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum, Malta is steeped in culture and history tied to the Romans, Moors, French, British as well as the Knights of Saint John.

Malta offers a little more at Christmas. You can catch the Yuletide feeling while watching a life-size nativity rendition. You can take the family for a walk through downtown Valletta, to see joyful carolers sing songs outside the picturesque Baroque St. John’s Co-Cathedral during advent. In the mood for a breathtaking display of Christmas lighting? Then make your way to Republic Street, and feast your eyes.

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