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Cute Kids Explore Their Heritage for Black History Month

How does the saying go? “Kids say the darnedest things!” And it’s true, they do!

Children often reflect the future we’ll see ahead. But what happens when they’re asked about the past or the current world at large? Sometimes their understanding of the world may surprise us. Sometimes, they show US just how much WE don’t know.

“I am black… When I say that, I am very proud of where I come from and my culture,”  proudly claims one of these amazing kids.

The Africa Channel showcases a lighthearted series of videos where kids explore what it means to be black during Black History Month and ultimately learn a little more about their heritage.

The theme of the videos is clearly centered on the idea that to know your heritage, is to be able to shape your future.

“Black History is what we learned from black people and what they did to empower the world of blacks today.”