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It All Started When... We Decided Not to Be Quiet

In honor of Human Trafficking Awareness month, streaming service Demand Africa joined African and African American protestors in the fight against slavery in Libya this past weekend. Led by activists Sahndra Fon Dufe and Angelique Mendes, marchers flooded the streets in peaceful harmony as they chanted, danced and demanded that there be an end to human trafficking in Africa.

“All men are born free. In respects of their age, their race, their religion, nationality, culture, profession… all men are born equal. We don’t march because we like to march, anybody can march. We don’t just post because we want to post on social media, anybody can post. We march because we believe that this is the start of a new movement. A new day has come in Los Angeles,” Fon Dufe said.

Dressed in white shirts, unified voices could be heard shouting, “We are not for sale” as protestors gathered at 9 am to call for captured Africans to be given their basic human right of freedom.

Black Panther actor Bamba Bambadjan, who was also in attendance, gave a detailed message about the poor treatment of African men, women and children while being enslaved in Libya.

“Women and children as young as two years old are being born in slavery and there are million others dying in the Mediterranean Sea right now and the world is quiet and nothing is happening, so we just are here to say we cannot be quiet. We have to use our voice, we can’t be complacent to the silence that is deadly.”

Since news of African migrants being sold in Libya were first reported back in November 2017, the efforts to bring our African men and women back home has resulted in the freedom of hundreds. With the help of organizations like the International Organization for Migration, more and more enslaved Africans will have the chance to enjoy the peace of our Motherland freely.

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