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Spotlight on Senegal: The African Renaissance Monument

African Renaissance Monument

Senegal’s African Renaissance Monument (or Le Monument de la Renaissance Africaine in French) stands as the tallest statue in Africa. The statue was constructed to commemorate Senegal’s 50th anniversary of independence from France. Towering the city at an impressive 49 meters (160 feet) on top of Mamelles Hill, the monument depicts a man, a woman, and a child facing westward towards the Atlantic Ocean. Former president Abdoulaye Wade made remarks at the inauguration of the monument saying how the statue symbolizes the durability of Africa and will hopefully remind those who look at it the centuries of suffering Africans have endured.  

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How to get there

The African Renaissance Statue is located in the Dakar neighborhood of Oakum. Depending on your location, your taxi fare should be 500-2000 CFA and only a maximum 20-minute taxi ride. Find a local to confirm with the taxi that the statue is the place you want to go.

Once you arrive 

Once you arrive at the statue, you will find a music stage, vendors, and multiple flights of stairs. Be prepared to walk a lot as there are 198 steps to reach the base of the statue. If you succeed in reaching the top, make sure to take in the views and take pictures! There is a ticketing booth on-site for those interested in the statue’s museum and panoramic tour.

Ticket prices:

  • Non-local adult: 6500 CFA
  • Non-local child: 3250 CFA 
  • Local adult: 3000 CFA (including visiting the site)  
  • Local child: 500 CFA  

When you purchase tickets, make sure you bring cash. Once your ticket is obtained, wait for a tour (in your preferred language) and head inside to see an overview of the building. You can walk through exhibits that explain the history and prominence of the statue. Afterward, you can grab better shots of the city with a 360 panoramic view. 

If you still have time, visit the Mamelles lighthouse. During the day, you can hear about the history of Senegal’s oldest lighthouse. At night, you can go back to the lighthouse and grab a drink at the converted restaurant.   

ren statue from the back

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