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Iconic Sites and Landmarks in Tanzania

Tourism in Tanzania provides two completely different experiences. Each experience has their own major landmarks that visitors frequent. Tanzania is located in eastern Africa. One of its greatest features is its landscape. Tanzania is covered with mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and more. These Tanzania landmarks are natural places, showcasing some the continents most wonderful experiences.

A large portion of the country is dedicated as protected area to conserve the natural regions. A large portion of visitors explore these regions which are heavily concentrated in northern Tanzania. Tourists can then head towards the coast of the country after exploring the natural wonders of Tanzania. Right off the coast you will discover a collection of islands known as Zanzibar. These islands are a major draw for tourists who want to explore the historical and cultural side of Tanzania.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is the most iconic landmark in Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro is located in northern Tanzania. This large dormant volcano is the highest mountain in Africa. The mountain consists of three volcanic cones although two of them are extinct. The entire mountain is a part of the Kilimanjaro National Park. Also included within the park is the forest area that surrounds the park.

Tanzania Landmarks Mount Kilimanjaro

The Kilimanjaro national park draws a large portion of the tourists that come to Tanzania. Some visitors just enjoy the site of the mountain while exploring the surrounding forest. This forest has a variety of wildlife. You may come across animals such as leopards, elephants, monkeys, and much more.

One of the most popular activities in the park is actually climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The park offers several routes for ascending and descending the mountain. These routes are differentiated by scenery, difficulty, or time it takes to make the journey. With either route, you can expect several days’ travel time, even for the most expert climbers.

Serengeti National Park

The most popular national park in Tanzania is the Serengeti National Park. This park is also the country’s oldest. This park is located in the northwestern region of Tanzania and was established to preserve the wildlife ecosystem. The wildlife found here are some of the most iconic animals that Africa is known for. Some of these animals include lions, crocodiles, cheetahs, and buffalos.

Tanzania Landmarks Wildebeests

Serengeti National Park is most known for the migration of wildebeests and zebras. This phenomenon draws large herds of the animals into the park annually. This is usually one of the most popular times for tourists to visit the park. The national park allows the animals to operate naturally with little interference from human contact.

The park is also popular because of its scenery. It’s divided into three regions: plains, savannah, and woodlands. There are many options for safaris that take visitors throughout the best areas in the park. You can also find some accommodations such as hotels and campsites.

African Great Lakes

Tanzania is part of the African Great Lakes region. This region holds several large lakes that stretch across multiple countries. These lakes have always been important to the region. A large population resides around the lakes thanks to the natural resources that they provide.

Tanzania Landmarks Lake Victoria

Tanzania borders three African Great Lakes. They are definitely iconic landmarks that should be seen while visiting the country. Each lake has their own distinct characteristics. The most iconic are Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika.

Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa as well as being the second largest fresh water lake in the world. Its size will be apart when visiting this site. Fishing is one of the main activities here. The large lake holds an abundance of marine life. Ferries actually run throughout the lake that transport people and good to the other bordering countries.

Lake Tanganyika is another African Great Lake worth visiting. It’s known as the second deepest lake in the world. This lake covers a large area and even has multiple islands in it. This lake is known for its wildlife, including a variety of fish, mammals, and reptiles.

Old Fort of Zanzibar

A major tourist area of Tanzania is Zanzibar, a series of islands located just off of the coast. The capital of Zanzibar is Stone Town which holds several landmarks. Many of these iconic landmarks have held historical significance to the country.

The most popular attraction in Stone Town is the Old Fort of Zanzibar. This fort is the oldest building in the capital. It was originally built to defend the island from Portugal. Its structure consists of high walls that surround an open courtyard. This courtyard originally held building.

This courtyard now serves as a tourist destination and cultural center for Zanzibar. All around the courtyard are tourist shops and vendors selling a variety of souvenirs and handicrafts. You can always expect large crowds here enjoying the live entertainment in the amphitheater or taking part in one of the many festivals.

Sultan’s Palace

Another iconic landmark located in Zanzibar is the Sultan’s Palace. This palace was once the residence of the Sultan family. After the Zanzibar revolution, the palace transitioned into an official government seat. It has now been converted into a museum as is one of the most famous tourist destinations on the island.

The Sultan’s palace was built in the 19th century. Its three-story palace located along the coast of Zanzibar. The palace’s most distinct characteristics are the white walls.

The Sultan’s Palace is easily accessible as it is nearby to several other landmarks around Stone Town. The museum showcases the history of the Royal Family of Zanzibar. Each of its floors is dedicated to a member of the family. Each of these exhibits includes personal items such as clothing and handwritten documents.

Great Mosque of Kilwa

The Great Mosque of Kilwa is an iconic landmark in Tanzania that showcases the religious influence on the country. This mosque is one of the earliest mosques built along the East African Coast that’s still standing today. It’s located on the island of Kilwa Kisiwani.

This mosque dates back to the 10th century. Its original construction was influenced by another mosque in Tanzania. It has one major distinct feature that separates it from other mosques in the country. The Great Mosque was one of the first mosques that was built without a courtyard.

Visitors must acquire a permit to explore the ruins of the mosque. Many of the structures can still be made out such as the prayer hall, pillars, vaults, and the covering dome. This large mosque was developed for several centuries to expand to its current size. Many of these additions are the prominent features you can see today.

Tanzania is an amazing country to explore. It has a variety of iconic landmarks that appeal to all types of visitors. The country offers a mix of natural landmarks as well as cultural destinations to learn more about the history of the country. Many visitors take time to explore a bit of both. Many of the most visited landmarks in Tanzania are part of a tourism circuit. This circuit can take you to all the must-see places in the country.

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