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Tanzania Safari Tours: What Will You See?


Tanzania is the ultimate destination for every safari enthusiast. Its diverse ecosystems offer you the most immersive and varied safari adventures in the midst of African wilderness. The Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro volcanic crater and Conservation Area, Selous Game Reserve and the remote Ruaha National Park offer unspoiled wilderness with great safari adventures.

With dramatic landscapes to die for and wildlife concentration, Tanzania is truly a gaming and wildlife spotting paradise.

Highlights of Tanzania Tours and Adventures


Safari adventures in Tanzania offer almost guaranteed Big Five encounters, a great birding experience, and truly spectacular scenery.

On a Tanzania safari tour, expect packed wildlife sightings and exciting safari expeditions that take you chasing across the bush hunting or wildlife viewing. From immersive camping experiences in the wilderness to luxury safari tours, game drives in the night and day excursions for dedicated sightings, safari tours in Tanzania are designed to make the best of the seasonal wildlife concentration.

Tanzania safari tours are in a league of their own. They take advantage of the diverse ecosystems to offer unique safari adventures. View wildlife from hot air balloons in the sky, get up close with animals on board indigenous boats and canoes in river swamps, gallop with wildlife on horseback, or view them on the move from camelback and even cycles! If this weren’t enough to tempt your adventurous spirit, there is more beyond safaris. Mountain treks, cultural encounters and beach fun; are other ways that complete the Tanzania experience.

Traditional Game Safaris


Discover the wild side of Tanzania with traditional 4-wheeled vehicles chasing game in true East-African style hunting or adventurous night game drives to see wildlife activity in the dead of the night.

Camping and Walking Safaris

Camping safaris are one of Tanzania’s most popular safari experiences. Travelers keen to experience the wilderness can camp in mobile tents inside a national park, while availing of the services of drivers, guides and chefs. Camping safaris combine the best of a safari adventure; they are budget friendly and immersive with organized itineraries.

Luxury Safaris


Tanzania has revolutionized the concept of safari adventures with high-end luxury safaris with stays at world-famous lodges and luxury camps. Customized safaris with own safari vehicle, personal guides and fine dining have emerged as Tanzania’s signature luxury safari adventures.

Cycling Adventures


Customized mountain biking adventures are a great way to explore Tanzania’s beautiful landscapes, view wildlife on the go, and experience the local Maasai hospitality. Take a pleasure ride through forests of acacias and creeks to Lake Manyara. Journey through the lush green passes of Kilimanjaro National Park and the rocky paths of Arusha National Park. Bike alongside all the action at Serengeti National Park. Cross the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and descend to the crater. Indulge in the most intrepid travel adventure with a bicycle expedition across select areas of Tanzania; guaranteed to give you an exciting safari experience on the go.

Balloon Safaris

hot air ballooning

Want to have the most incredible safari experience like no other? Take one of Tanzania’s hot air balloon safaris for top views of vast expanses of ecosystems and diverse wildlife. Soak in the panoramic views of the Serengeti landscape from more than 1000 feet altitude in the air. Float down to tree top height for close views of the wildlife from the comfort of your balloon. Watch the spectacular sights of wildebeest herds jumping across rivers and running across landscapes during their annual migration. An early morning balloon safari offers you a unique perspective of the landscape and wildlife below, while you give free rein to the shutterbug in you.

Water-based Safaris on Boats and Canoes


Water-based safaris are popular adventures for safari enthusiasts who want to venture off the beaten track and view the bird life and water animals. Float past sleeping crocodiles and sunning hippos and experience other waterway habitat up-close and unhindered. Take a break from the 4-wheeled land safari for boating safaris in the Rufiji and Great Ruaha. Get close views of elephants and lions drinking along the shores, and a wide variety of bird life.

Boating along the Swahili coast is yet another boating adventure in Tanzania, with options of trips to deserted islands and reefs, or low-tide swimming off sandbars.


Canoeing safaris are a pleasant way to explore the beautiful locations of northern lakes. Float along the shores of Lake Manyara past thousands of pink flamingos or canoe in the Momela Lake of Arusha National Park to see buffaloes, bush bucks giraffes, hippos and many water birds.

Horse Safaris

If you have a good horse seat and an adventurous spirit, experience Tanzania’s bush and wildlife the adventurous way with guided horse safaris. Have close encounters with wildlife on-the-move, as you saunter along hidden trails in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Experience the Serengeti migration from horseback, alongside massive herds of wildebeest and zebra as they gallop across streams and wild terrains.

Looking for adventure outside the bush? Ride on the beaches of Zanzibar at full moon and swim with the horses for a truly enchanting adventure.

Mkuru Camel Safari with Maasai Tribesmen


West Kilimanjaro offers a unique way to travel the savannah and see wildlife with the Maasais of Mkuru. An initiative for promoting community livelihood of Maasai tribes, camel safaris are day excursions or multi-day tours with Maasai guides. You can walk alongside camels or ride them through the savannah to view wildlife in their native habitat.

Special Safaris – Birding, Photography

Take guided walking tours or a combination of safari expeditions with expert guides, themed around your passions like birding or photography.

With so much to do and see, and myriad ways to see wildlife; Tanzania makes for a great safari destination with an adventure around every bend.