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Hidden Wonders of Cape Town

When in Cape Town, take a little detour off the beaten path.  You’ll be delighted to discover several hidden wonders Capetonians try to keep for themselves.

The Treacherous Cape of Storms

Cape Town was originally the Cape of Storms. The treacherous seas of the cape sent many ships to their watery graves.  Today, over 2,500 shipwrecks can be found along the South African coastline, including slave ships.

The Heritage Vine, The Oldest Wine Producing Vine

Be sure to check out The Heritage Vine at the corner of Bree and Shortmarket Streets. This prolific vine is believed to have been planted in 1771.  It still produces wine each year and may be the oldest vine in South Africa and the oldest wine producing vine in the southern hemisphere.

Touchdown by Charles Darwin

The rocks in Sea Point at the south end of Queens Beach were visited by Charles Darwin in 1836, during his voyage around the world.

Sunsets at Chapman’s Peak Look-out Cave

Experience some of the most beautiful sunset views in Cape Town at Chapman’s Peak Look-out Cave. Take Chapman’s Peak Drive from Hout Bay to Noordhoek and below the well-known lookout point, you’ll find a secret hideout and window to the world waiting for you to come and enjoy.

Whale Watching At Cape Agulhus

This popular whale watching area is popular because scores of southern right cows and calves have been seen frolicking in the ocean near this southernmost tip of Africa. Take the Whale Trail, a five-day hike along the cliffs, dunes, and beaches, for a wonderful opportunity to view these mighty mammals and their offspring.

Wild Lynx and Caracal, Oh My!

When visiting Table Mountain, Lions Head or Signal Hill, be on the look out for some of the last remaining wildcats to roam these mountains. Two hundred years ago, hippos, elephants, lions, and leopards were abundant in these areas.  Today, African wildcats, lynx and caracal still live on the mountains, but sightings of these nocturnal cats are rare.

Rare Blooms at Adderley Street Flower Market

Visit the Adderley Street flower market to find some of the flowers that South Africa is known for; bunches of Proteas, Flame Lillies and Strelitzia’s amongst others fill this bustling market.

Century Old Long Street Baths

Enjoy the Long Street Baths, a sanctuary just off Long Street. Since 1908 locals and visitors have relaxed in these traditional Turkish Baths.

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