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Get to Know These African Beauty Bloggers

African beauty bloggers are at the helm of the beauty industry. It could be their unique style, their African heritage, or just sheer talent but one thing we know is that more and more women all over the world turn to these talented bloggers for beauty tips, recommendations and solutions.

In no particular order, here is a curated list of the cream of the crop, the best of the best African beauty bloggers both in Africa and in the diaspora.

Jackie Aina

Fondly called Aunt Jackie by her millions of YouTube followers, Jackie is a  Nigerian-American beauty blogger, influencer and currently one of the top beauty authority on dark skinned beauty. A US army veteran and professional make up artist, Aunt Jackie is known for her open and honest critics on beauty brands and products. Jackie started blogging since 2008 and since then has rose steadily to fame and global recognition.

Khadijat Saani

Nigerian Khadijat is the creative brains behind Peakmill, a beauty blog with almost 850,000 YouTube subscribers, and more than 400k followers on Instagram. Khadijat focuses on wig and hair extensions, giving tips on how to care for wigs, how to make them and the best wig styles trending for the season. Apart from wigs, Khadijat also gives make-up tutorials.

Lovette Jallow

Fashion influencer and beauty blogger Lovette Jallow is the creative director of Lovette House of Style. Her beauty blog focuses on make up choices and ideas for black women in Sweden. Lovette uses her blog to make the Swedish beauty industry aware of the beauty needs of Africans and African Americans. As a make up artist, part of Lovette’s work involves tutoring make up artists round Scandinavia and Sweden and training them on how to meet the needs of darker skin tones.

Chanel Ambrose

Chanel Ambrose is an African British beauty influencer who focuses on beauty tips and fashion for plus size women. With over 345,000 subscribers and 3 million followers on YouTube, Chanel has not only found her niche in the beauty industry, but actively encourages diversity  for the plus size woman. Apart from beauty and fashion, Chanel also gives inspiration, entertainment news and lifestyle tips. She is the owner of the beauty brand, ambiguous rose.

Uwani Aliyu

Uwani Aliyu is a Nigerian beauty blogger who features the latest tips on hair, make up and fashion. For six years, Uwani blogged as a naturalista amd natural hair enthusiast. However, she permed her hair sometime in 2017.

Nyma Tang

Sudanese Nyma Tang is a self taught beautician and brains behind the YouTube blog series, The Darkest Shade. Nyma focuses  on beauty and make up tips for very dark and ebony skinned women. She also reviews make up available for very dark women by testing the darkest shades of make up on her skin. Nyma Tang is very vocal about the beauty industry’s lack of inclusivity of darker skin shades. Nyama currently has over 700,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Ronke Raji

Nigerian beauty blogger and fashion influencer Ronke is passionate about afro kinky hair, fashion and make up tips for women with dark skin. Apart from beauty tips, Ronke also gives tips on lifestyle, living and inspiration. Ronke is based in the United States. As a partner she advertises top beauty brands like Elf, Revlon, L’Oréal and Bobbi Brown.

Kangai Mwiti

Kangai Mwiti is an award winning make up artist and beauty blogger from Kenya. She is also the creative genius behind Bellesa Africa, Kenya’s first beauty channel on make up and beauty tips for dark-skinned and African women. Her YouTube channel currently has about 98,000 subscribers and over 6 million views.

Cynthia Gwebu

South African beauty blogger Cynthia Gwebu is the creative CEO of Cynthia Gwebu, a beauty blog focused on the latest beauty tip, tutorial and lifestyle news in South Africa. Cynthia has always been active in the beauty industry. She started her career by working as a beauty editor and social media manager for top online beauty companies in South Africa. However, she quit in 2010 to go into full time blogging. Her YouTube blog currently has a subscription of 23,000 followers.


Somalian Halima is the brains behind Love Halssa, a YouTube beauty blog on curly kinky hair, make up and fashion. Halima started her blog in 2015 and has since gathered an impressive 240,000 subscribers, 6 million views and 180,000 followers on Instagram. Halima is based in London.

These African beauty bloggers are certainly changing the face of the beauty industry in Africa. We are proud of their work and what they stand for. We wish them more inspiration and courage to expand their individual niches.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to be part of their subscribers on YouTube. There is definitely a lot to learn from these iconic women.