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Make-up Tutorials with Jackie Aina

If Wendy Williams were to do make-up tutorials, Jackie Aina is what you get. Hilariously sassy and unapologetically bold with her opinions, Jackie does not mince words when she does product reviews (or rants for that matter). She is admired for her message-driven rather than brand-influenced content, a reputation that has made her one of the real make-up gurus on social media. This distinction holds up to scrutiny given her insider knowledge of the cosmetic industry, having worked at M.A.C. in the past before doing YouTube tutorials full-time.

Jackie joined YouTube in March 2006, and is bent on “changing the standard of beauty, one video at a time.” She was frustrated about the dearth of make-up demos online that specifically addressed her skin tone, so in 2009 she began creating her own in earnest.

Beyond make-up, Jackie is also passionate about fashion, sharing tips and hacks on how to look “bad and boujee on a budget” or how to look expensive for less. Occasionally, she likes to switch things up, sharing vlogs about her family, relationship and international travels.

A Los Angeles resident of Nigerian descent, Jackie has a loyal following (and an ever-growing fan base) both on YouTube and on her other social media platforms. Her eponymous channel has been viewed more than 156 million times, and currently enjoys 2.1 million subscribers.